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hmmmm…Its So Dusty Around Here

Had this idea a long long time ago. Left it to die but now… gonna give it a shot again. Working behind the scenes. Not sure when things will debut but definitely gonna give this concept a try once again. Lets see if it works.

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Looking for a few good bloggers…

My little idea about creating a site that highlights the people that make the social web, well social, has run into a little hitch… I don’t have time to post what going on all over the web as fars as what people are commenting on, digging up, blogging, twittering, and so forth.

So I decided that maybe I need some help on this. I need a couple of bloggers who want to do the same thing I want to do of which is to create a site about the people who make the social web social.

I can’t discuss all the details because I am still working on how i will work. Not sure if it will be hosted hear on WordPress (I hope it can be) or somewhere else. I want some sort of revenue sharing between what I hope will be 5-7 bloggers. The only problem with revenue sharing is that the blog isn’t making anything and probably won’t until at least a year and a half of blogging to get people interested.

Well, anyway, if you are interested, just leave your name on the comment section. Hopefully within the next3-4 months Social orb will b back on the scene with interviews, interesting Twitter profiles, reviews, pics, and more about the people on the web who make the web social.

Social orb is on FriendFeed as well as Twitter. There will be some updates starting in the new year on anything cool I find around the internet town.

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I’m Baaaaaack!!! Social Orb 1.4 lol

I’m back. Sort of left this blog alone for a while lol There is a good reason for this; I don’t have time.

Besides I leaned a little something about this blogging thing. One post can sure take up allot of time. The biggest thing I learned is that I should try to focus on one blog and have fun with that. So that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

I still feel there is a need for a site like this that speaks to what it going on in the people who interact in social community. There are plenty of sites about link sharing, blogging, group news reports… you name it, but where are the blogs that chronicle how the actual people are interacting and what are they saying to each other?

This is why I created the blog. For some reason, it is extremely exciting for me to see what people are saying, what are they looking up, and what is important to them… and what OTHER people have to say about those opinions.

Well, anyway, I’m still gonna give it a shot. Every now and again, I’ll post something. I’ll try to make it a Sunday morning habit and post at least 2 items. 2 blogs a week aint too bad LAMO

One day I will have more time, and I will bring this blog back to full health. Whether the internet will still be social when that happens, I don’t know.

I will still be actively collecting Delicious links, digging up Digg news links, favoriting Flickr pictures, following comments, stumbling upon sites and so forth so come back here to see what’s up in those areas.

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Blogger Outed: ‘Fake Steve’ is Dan Lyons – Yahoo! News

Blogger Outed: ‘Fake Steve’ is Dan Lyons – Yahoo! News

At long last, someone has cracked one of the technology world’s biggest mysteries — the identity of Fake Steve, a sharp-tongued blogger who had tech aficionados in stitches with a satiric diary purporting to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Now for the really good part: Both the blogger and the guy who outed him are from staunch bastions of Old Media, Forbes magazine and The New York Times.

In a story published on Monday, Brad Stone of the Times outed Dan Lyons, a technology editor at Forbes, as the author of “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” a daily account of events in the tech industry as seen through a caricature of Jobs. The blog can be found at


Wow. I didn’t really know about this blog except for a brief post on Digg and maybe being on the front page a couple of times. While I don’t find this that interesting, it does involve the social internet and how people interact with each other… so how can I not add it to the archive?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows « The Singing Stranger

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – plot spoiler and full text « The Singing Stranger

Yet another top WordPress blog post on the wonders of which is Harry Potter and the Deathly (real word?) Hollows. Considering that the movie is out and the book comes out today (Saturday 07/21/07) I am sure the posts and articles on this book will continue into next week.

The blog post does go into what is believed to be the ending of the book. People dead, people alive, people married with children… All of this for download. I guess the big question of the day is will this effect sales? Will someone buy it today and then post the WHOLE book?

Personally, I think the book is a collectible and kids, as savvy as they are about being online, will probably want the physical book in their hands. Then again, when it comes to kids, who knows. I also wonder if this kind of thing will push the web further and further into the sites of lawyers and lawsuits.

Well, that is my comment… here are some other people”s thoughts on the blog post:

  1. Grace Says:
    July 19th, 2007 at 7:38 pm I am so outraged. How can you end seven books with ‘All was well.’? I don’t want to hear that! I want deaths and things which make you go ‘oooh!’. That brings a whole damn new meaning to the word ‘pants’. Plus, how can Harry Potter lead a normal life after all of that? The trauma, for one thing, I imagine would be a problem. Poor Ginny, I bet all the romance has gone from the relationship now Harry’s not likely to die. Good for Ron and Hermione though. The two better characters got hitched. Good. I am such a Potter geek…I think I’ll leave it at that.
  2. Lee Fan Quo Says:
    July 20th, 2007 at 7:28 am Dunno, kinda sounds suspiciously like it was ripped off The Secret Life of Douglas Manson (written by Robert Sturtevant). The similarities are pretty extreme. And how come both have a villain named Severus who dresses all in black yet is complex and contradictory inside? There are just two many similarities here for my liking. Read both books back to back and you’ll see what i mean. And Hermione’s like a weaker version of Lei-Ling. What do you think?

 26 comments in total. Go check it out and voice your opinion.

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BREAKING – Bush to transfer power to Cheney temporarily

Once again, Digg commenters have made me laugh with its insane one-liners (mixed in with some very detailed points that admittedly are educational in some respects). If you don’t like President Bush too much, (which seems to be many Americans at this point), then you might find it funny that he is going to the doctor to get stuff removed from his colon…. hence the comments:
“I put $5 on them finding Osama and WMD up there.” by Absinthminded64
“Yea, I heard those aren’t fun. Maybe they should remove the Republican Senators from his ass while they are at it.” by qsqueeq
“Finger in Bush’s butt = At least a small amount of justice in this world still exists.” by TurtleBeoulve
“Maybe while they’re up there, they will find his head.” by griz

But the all time funniest and to the point comments are:
1) “So does this make Dick Cheney part of the Executive Branch yet?” by NatrlSelection (565 positive comment diggs)
— If you remember, Dick Cheney thought that he didn’t have to send stuff to the National Archive because he is not really part of the Executive Branch… so for those who know this, I am sure you find it most interesting that he will be acting president during this time —

2) “Let’s hope how long it takes to nuke Iran < how long it takes to get a colonoscopy” by bimtott (264 positive comment diggs)

Just high brow (and incredibly low brow) comedy going on in this thread. You must, I say MUST check it out.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
WASHINGTON – President Bush will have a routine colonoscopy on Saturday at his mountaintop retreat at Camp David, Md, his spokesman says.

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Warning: Bible Spoiler (PIC)

Funny… 202 funny comments. Best one: “wait…he dies?” by Bigzz. Second best: “Great. Now I have no reason to watch the movie.” by thinkingserious (237 positive comment votes so far).

Timeless stuff. If you want a good laugh and poke a jab at the Harry Potter fake (or real) released material on the last book, then click the links below.

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30 Days to Absolute Tyranny! – Bush’s Latest Executive Order

Well… considering the source, I am not sure if its true. But if it is true, you would think it would be the biggest news item to hit the internet (other than Harry Potter). 197 comments on this so fa and the top one is a doozy.

Digg Pick Link Quote:
This order (as yet unnumbered) makes you and anyone subject to seizure of all of your property if the Secretary of the Treasury THINKS that you MAY commit a violent act IN THE FUTURE that is designed to or has the effect of negatively impacting the war effort in Iraq. War protesters and other dissidents – watch out!

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Teenage girl kills herself over fake spoilers of Harry Potter… « Hi, This is Martin -OMG!!

Teenage girl kills herself over fake spoilers of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows « Hi, This is Martin -OMG!!

One of the top posts on WordPress today. I don’t know if this is true or not… but for me what is interesting is that on a blog that allows comments, the blog post in question doesn’t have any (commenting closed).

So now I am wondering what really happened on this blog today cause this is sort of unusual.

To be continued…

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WOW… I Have Been So Neglectful!!!

For some reason, I feel that WordPress just exploded or great blog posts or something…. maybe its just me. On top of that, allot is going on the web as well. From Harry Potter to Green Sneakers.

This blog is supposed to be a report (and a opinion) on what is going on with the people of  the community  that is now the internet and I have SO FAILED you.

Well, that is about to change.

Yeah, I know, some of you guys think my website is soooooooooooo lame. Who wants to read comments of some guy replying to a blog post? LOL Well, many years ago I discovered that its those comments (along with the original post whether it be a blog, a message board post or a “normal” website) help create what I call a KNOWLEDGE BASE.

All sorts of info can be found in the comments as well as the article itself. Some articles are edited BECAUSE of the comments.

I just think with individuals blogging, individuals commenting, individual sharing photos, music and art along with individuals creating new ways to interact socially on the web… well, I think somebody ought to record what is people are saying and doing. Its entertaining, educational and you can really see what is going on in culture and life.

So watch out world (the internet world that is), I’m a comin at ya!!!

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