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Alvin and the Chipmunks Poster – I Watch Stuff

Alvin and the Chipmunks Poster – I Watch Stuff

Looks like the chipmunks are back with some sort of 2007 look (that I do not like). Go ahead and click the link… now come back (please)… what is that?Someone decided to turn Simon into Hip-Hop Hooray for some reason? He could have stayed in the nerd look…

Well, here are my picks for best comments in this blog post:

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New Transformers Series Coming to Cartoon Network

New Transformers Series Coming to Cartoon Network

If the image of what the show is going to look like actually true (the image is on the right in the article), then I don’t think it will be that great. It will be on the Cartoon Network and of course Hasbro will be on the team.

Now, there are actually NO COMMENT on this blog about this. I am actually shocked that no one has said anything directly on the blog especially considering that Transformers will be coming out next week (and that most people on Digg are tech geeks… yeah, this blog post was featured on Digg just a few minutes ago) .

Well there are comments on Digg about this. 31 comments currently… which is kinda low considering the topic…

My favorite comment so far was made by Gotar:

Loonatics anyone?

LOL!!! If anybody remembers the Loonatics (a futuristic version of Bugs Bunny and crew), it was not that good (but at the same time it was… which is kind of odd). Let hope that the new new NEW Transformers (Generation… what are they u to now… 10?) does better than that. And lets hope that they keep the transforming sound… because if they don’t

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Trent Reznor: “No wonder people steal music.”

People steal music? NO WAY MAN!!! Its called borrowing it until it is useless and then giving it back… lol Who makes up these comments? For a site like Digg, I am surprised that there wasn’t mre comments for this article link. 117 seams tame for a subject like this. The link got over 2600+ diggs, but the comments… why so low? Interesting…

Digg Link Pick Quote:

The NIN frontman blogs: “As the climate grows more and more desperate for record labels, their answer to their mostly self-inflicted wounds seems to be to screw the consumer over even more. A couple of examples that quickly come to mind…” He then details how his own label insists on screwing fans, and how he hopes to counteract that soon.

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YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

Views: 943,915 | Comments: 3686 | Favorited: 4647 times

Honors: 2 Links: 5

Can you even conceive of having 3000+ comments on  video? That’s ridiculous.

If your a comic book fan and got to any of these movies in general, you are going to laugh you buttocks off. Heck, because of this video, i didn’t even KNOW that many movies from Marvel characters were actually coming out. I know about a remake of the Hulk from the other remake of the Hulk that bombed and Iron Man, but Magneto and Wolverine?

And everybody loves Bat-Man LMAO

And with comments like this:

thawk721 (14 minutes ago)

By October 13th of this year, four fifths of mankind will be dead from nuclear war, famine, disease, and other consequences of the breaking of Yahweh’s Laws (STDs, GM crops . . .). You can survive. We can show you how.

How can you loose the battle of most commented video on YouTube?

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Aqua Teen Hunger Force WILL be shown in Boston!!

After all that drama about the ‘explosive devices’ found by police that ended up being street promotions for the Aqua Teen show, now they are going to show it in Boston? Believe me, this is a very interesting development.

Digg link pick quote:

Despite Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s plea to local theaters not to screen it “out of respect to the people of Boston.”

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The Problem With Porn These Days

Well someone decided that this was diggworthy (jenwright134) and posted it. Then when the large amount of digg users went to the site, it crashed SOOOOOOOO someone posted the article in the comments (which is where I read the story from cause I just couldn’t enter the site… HA get it, enter?). He also got the most digg comment thumbs up for doing so (Zopmaz on 3/29/07 229 so far).  (Now econoar on 3/29/07 has the most digg comment positive votes… 297.)  What is my favorite? Dubbing other sound or music… and repeat scenes… not that I watch the stuff, but I know how it works cause someone told me.


This is OBVIOUSLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Heck, even the comments on Digg is not safe for work.

Digg pick link quote:

A list of things that can be done better with todays porn movies. Adult content. Don’t view this at work.

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TV Squad

TV Squad

Here are the top commented stories for TV Squad:

American Idol totally blew away everything else on the list; almost 600 comments for the story about Stephanie going home and a website Vote for the Worst  maybe helping the matter (along with Howard Stern???). The top 4 articles are about American Idol actually (as you can see).

Battlestar Galatica is getting some attention online. I think I saw something about the show on Digg too.

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Top 10… Action Hero One-Liners « The CinemATTIC

Top 10… Action Hero One-Liners « The CinemATTIC


Beautiful. Title speaks for itself.

7. “I came here to kick ass and chew bubble-gum. And I’m all outta gum.” – They Live! (1988)


130 comments for the blog post.

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Top Comments:

Today’s featured top comments come from Some of you may have heard of this blog (that apparently AOL owns or is seriously involved with) but for those who don’t know what kind of blog it is, let me tell you. Its a celebrity gossip blog that tends to focus on Paris Hilton but can end up almost all over Hollywood.

It has recently become (somehow) the place for ANYTHING Anna Nicole Smith and any hint of a story related to her since her death yesterday. Well, it just so happens that this ISNT the most commented blog post on TMZ. Check it out:

There you have it. Take a peek and see what the social web is talking about on TMZ.

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ExtraLife – Scott Johnson’s Comics » Best animated gif in a long time

ExtraLife – Scott Johnson’s Comics, Podcasts, Blog, Artwork, Humor and MORE! » Blog Archive » Best animated gif in a long time

This is a pretty funny post. 25 comments in all. One of the comments lead to the whole flash collection of related animations:

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