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What the hell is wrong with CNN?

Well… what’s the difference between a republican and a democrat going to Syria? I don’t know, but it certainly is being discussed on Digg right now. 242 comments so far. I’m sure Netscape is also commenting about this also since many links that show up on Digg show up on Netscape (and on Reddit… and some other places but I’ll leave that for another story)

Digg link pick quote:

Screenshots CNN’s ridiculous coverage of Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Syria.

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Troop Withdrawal Wins House Passage »

Troop Withdrawal Wins House Passage »

WOW! 600+ COMMENTS MADE BY  162 MEMBERS! Now that’s a real conversation going on right there. It gets crazy at times but for the most part, its intellegent conversation. Real thoughts and ideas on what the hell is going on in Washinton DC.

Personally, I think its the Dems way of distancing themselves from the fact that they voted for the war rather than something to help end the war completely. I mean, lets face it, unless there is a mirical, if the troop leave in the next year or so, Iraq will probably be a complete war zone (way worst than it ever was or currently is). So why all the “lets leave in 6 months” stuff?

Logically speaking… has there ever been a situation where troops left and its gotten better when the country is so full of violence?

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Plenty of others on Netscape.

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Featured Comment RSS: Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

This is the first time I am posting about a featured comment RSS. I have had a few Featured Comment RSS articles, but I decided that whenever I add a new one from now on, I am going to make a corrisponding blob post about it.

The featured comment RSS comes from Netscape and the subject is Islam and women. As you may know, Islam is a hot topic these days for many reasons… so when a english speaking site or a mostly American user base gets their hands on a topic like this, it tends to get people to talk.

airglide says: “make the religion more friendly toward women.”

How does this really change anything? The premise of the koran is that in paradise the man has his harem. His wife on earth can compete for his favor with the other women. With the required circumcision of both genders, the woman gets to be a receptacle for a mans pleasure. It is still a mans religion.

…and the rebutal (well one anyway)

berbles  says, There are millions of single Muslim women that live on their own in America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Europe who maintain their devout beliefs based upon their own understanding of the Quran, obviously it is not strictly a “man’s” religion.

24 members battled it out with each other to make a grand total of 65 comments so far. Original story is here:

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Update: Rosie Goes Public on 9/11 Conspiracy »

Update: Rosie Goes Public on 9/11 Conspiracy »

Well… are people STILL doing the conspiracy thing? If anything Bush and his team (lets call it Team Bush) ignored warnings because they figured they could use it to do the stuff they are doing now. That is the only possible conspiracy and the most logical one if THAT even happened.

Please, lets stop with the “somebody made the towers come down and it wasn’t the airplanes” stuff.

Anyway, that is just my opinion. There are plenty of comments (50 so far) that either agree with me or disagree.

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My Netscape Picks

I have all sorts of nice tidbits on my Netscape account. There you can find the stuff a voted for as interesting or insightful (or just plain funny as heck).

here is the link:

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Who Really Won: Grammy Show Wasn’t just Chicks Country

Who Really Won: Grammy Show Wasn’t just Chicks Country

A different look at who won the Grammies… I think it was Mary J Blige but I’m bias.

194 comments produced by 51 members on Nescape

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On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed!

On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed!


There are a number of very bright climatologists and meteorologists out there who believe that this century’s warming trend is neither critical nor man made. Now you can agree or disagree with these folks. But you can’t pretend that these folks are crazies or ill informed or just in it for the money.

Now you know people on the internet tend to fall toward stories about the environment, education, work, and anything tech related… well what we have here is a story on Netscape that basically has about 200+ comments either agreeing, disagreeing or just being snarky.

72 members in total responded and apparently intereacted with each other to have a collective 200+ comments.

You can learn allot about the subject by reading the comments. If your interested take a look.

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Women gives birth, wakes up without arms or legs

True or False?

This must be the most dugg item on Digg that I have seen since I have been on Digg/ 10655 diggs, 380 comments… and what is more interesting is that this could be another Digg controversy of a item dugg up like this that exaggerated the story. She didn’t just wake up without limbs, she had be given the option to keep them and die or take them off and possibly live.

Here is the original Digg story quote below:

A young lady goes to the hospital to give birth and wakes up without arms or legs. The hospital refuses to explain why they left her as a multiple amputee. In a letter, they wrote that she would have to sue them to find out what happened. She can’t even carry her newborn child. Help bring attention and digg it up, please.

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Now here is the the same story, but with a better explanation:

The CORRECT story about the woman who lost her arms and legs

Now that got 4500+ diggs and around 140 comments… which begs the question… does diggers like drama more than news?

There is a difference when you go to Digg vs going to Slashdot or Netscape. I find Digg more entertaining, Slashdot more informative and Netscape… somewhere closer to entertaining than informative but its defiantly a middle child of Digg and Slashdot.

Well, its your call. Did she wake up with no limbs or was there more to the story?

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Resume Lies You Can’t Get Away With


Is this for real? A Netscape featured pick. What is interesting about this is that CNN did the story.

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Op-Ed: Could a fat girl win American Idol?

The New Netscape (some call it a Digg clone) has featured a link to TV Squad that is talking about the American Idol show.

Personally, if they can vote in a guy who the music industry would consider super old, then why not a ‘fat girl’?

Here is what people at Netscape thought about that.

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