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RIP Twitter (2007-2007) « web1979

RIP Twitter (2007-2007) « web1979

Well SOMEONE thinks Twitter will not last. For what reasons you can read on the blog. Its detailed, but I have to say what makes the subject matter on the blog post more interesting it the interaction of the commenter’s and how they feel about the subject.

And I’m not just saying that because my blog here is about how people interact on social websites. 🙂

The first comment by Aaron T. is pretty interesting cause the first thing I thought of was blogging (which is, by the numbers, still a niche thing considering how many actually blog longer than 6 months let alone a year) . Juan takes it further by disagreeing with the bloggers points (and I am guessing that he also feels that Twitter will last beyond 2007 although he does not state it).

Don’t get me wrong… I never used and only heard of Twitter a few times so I am not saying some of the points the blogger makes are things I agree with. I do feel though, that I don’t know about it collapsing under its own weight.

If Twitter collapses, why not Upcoming or TagSpace (a MySpace replacment)? Heck, why not MySpace collapsing? matbalez (March 15th, 2007 at 4:57 am) agrees with some of the bloggers points.

The blog post was dugg by digg too. It has about 500+ diggs and 77 comments.

The blog post itself has 158 comment posts so far. If you are interested in that subject, you should head over there and voice an opinion.


Another bloggers opinion… Eight Ways Twitter is Useful Professionally


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Coding Horror: Creating User Friendly 404 Pages

Coding Horror: Creating User Friendly 404 Pages

A very interesting blog post. I originally saw the link from digg (Creating User Friendly 404 Pages20 comments) bt I felt this needed a special little separate posting on its own.

I always thought that it is a good idea to have a helpful 404 error page. Most sites on the net (inluding all of mine) have lousy missing page or sotry requested pages (what usually generates the 404 error).

In the comments of this posting,Andrew Ferguson posts a nice link to a very helpful error page:

Mark posted a link to a related article on creating helpful 404 pages:

Some agree that having the numbers 404 on the error page in not nessicary (but you the website admin shouldknow when someone has created this page) while others are not so sure. yossi (on March 17, 2007 09:53 PM) agrees that there needs to be an error code shown on the page.

The post has over 20 comments and 3 blog reactions

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