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NEWSWEEK: 91% of Americans believe in God, only 3% atheist

Interesting… 219 comments.

According to the latest NEWSWEEK poll. Nine in 10 (91 percent) of American adults say they believe in God and almost as many (87 percent) say they identify with a specific religion. Christians far outnumber members of any other faith in the country, with 82 percent of the poll’s respondents identifying themselves as such.

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The Problem With Porn These Days

Well someone decided that this was diggworthy (jenwright134) and posted it. Then when the large amount of digg users went to the site, it crashed SOOOOOOOO someone posted the article in the comments (which is where I read the story from cause I just couldn’t enter the site… HA get it, enter?). He also got the most digg comment thumbs up for doing so (Zopmaz on 3/29/07 229 so far).  (Now econoar on 3/29/07 has the most digg comment positive votes… 297.)  What is my favorite? Dubbing other sound or music… and repeat scenes… not that I watch the stuff, but I know how it works cause someone told me.


This is OBVIOUSLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Heck, even the comments on Digg is not safe for work.

Digg pick link quote:

A list of things that can be done better with todays porn movies. Adult content. Don’t view this at work.

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Google Suggests You Swim Across The Atlantic Ocean

5128 DIGGS SO FAR, 151 comments. That is pretty high. I think its because as huge as Digg is, it can really poke fun at itself. Look at how it provides this easter egg (I guess you could call it that) whe you ask direction on how to get from an American coast to London. Commenters give direct links to Google maps so you can see what all the fuss is about.

It would seem that Google maps is doing allot of things to get it on digg these days… hrmmm…

Google Goes Back to Pre-Katrina Maps (645 diggs so far, 104 comments)

EDIT: More news about this. Google gets criticized for the move 

Digg link pick quote:

Google, either encouraging physical fitness or zero population growth, offers the above helpful suggestion when mapping the route from Chicago to London.

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Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Well, this is a new place for me to visit and read what other people think about a specific subject. Never really been to the Washington Post for anything and BAM… this article comes my way from a related link on a Yahoo article about Britney Spears’ settlement with the K-Fed. Apparently on the heals of Britney Spears settling divorce with husband Federline, she will be doing a new reality show. The idea; find a new personal assistant to be on her team of which will also include helping her with her comeback.

Will Timbaland (music producer who has said he wanted to help her a few weeks ago get her back on track musically) help in this reality show? Heck, why another reality show? I say, its a good time to sit down, take a break, and write a personal letter (album) not for sales but to re-introduce yourself.

But before that… get on some remixes and put out a street album for the fans (and everyone else watching/listening).

Well… Enough about what I think… there are over 20 comments (some are spam comments…) on the post.

Posted by: renselaas:Liz, I’d play it as straight as possible and give her sound advice. She’s such a train wreck that she’ll ignore 3/4 of whatever you say, and that’s what will make it “good TV.”

As for that sound advice… I’d start with what all of our grandmothers told us about wearing good panties whenever we leave the house.


Posted by: Lisa: Liz, Play it straight this poor girl needs some help. Some issues to be raised in you audition letter:

-Accept that fact that your life has changed: You’re not 21 yr. old single pop star with lots of money and time, but 26 yr. pop star, single mom with two kids to support. California and Louisiana do have Child Protection Laws which they are very happy to enforce.

-The career life of pop star is limited: Your fans do grow up and move on, and a new generation of teenagers doesn’t want anything to do with you (i.e. Janet Jackson).

-Do you really want to end up like Anna Nicole Smith?

Posted by: byoolin: Isn’t it obvious? Bring back K-Fed.


There are some more interesting thoughts that may actually work. The comments are currently closed so your just gonna have to post your ideas somewhere else I guess. I can’t imagine where you could post comments about this subject…
I made a Digg link for it… Looks like there is one already: Britney Spears to star in new reality series from Celebritygasm (what a name LOL). So I’ll just digg that. (although its not about the blogger actually trying out for the show nor does it give the link the want ad on Criagslist).

While submitting (and seeing all the duplicates) I also found this tidbit: Kevin Federline To Make A Reality Show For MTV

Im gonna try something right now… and see what happens. More on this in part Two.

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BREAKING: Female U.K. sailor confessed in public: “obviously trespassed”

WOW!!! The comments on this one is pretty strong and abnormally longer than the usual comments on Digg. You should see some of the opinions of the diggers on this subject. 353 comments for this.

Digg pick link quote:
Faye Turney, 26, wearing a black headscarf and smoking a cigarette, said her group had “obviously trespassed” into Iranian waters before their capture on March 23. The Iranians had been “friendly and hospitable,” she said. “They were thoughtful, nice people and they explained to us why we had been arrested. They were very compassionate.”

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The Manliest Moments in Sports

Ohhhhhh kay… 131 votes and 28 comments.

“Sports are full of manly moments. A check in hockey, a brawl in basketball, a sack in football, a rain delay in baseball. But some moments are more manly than others, moments where players do something so extraordinary that we can only shake our heads and explain to the ladies that something amazing has just happened, and we appreciate it on a much.”

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TV Squad

TV Squad

Here are the top commented stories for TV Squad:

American Idol totally blew away everything else on the list; almost 600 comments for the story about Stephanie going home and a website Vote for the Worst  maybe helping the matter (along with Howard Stern???). The top 4 articles are about American Idol actually (as you can see).

Battlestar Galatica is getting some attention online. I think I saw something about the show on Digg too.

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1M User Party Update!… Part II

Original post here: 1M User Party Update!…

utcursch eventuall got modded down. He has -12 digg down votes.

TheWalkingDude  has the most positive digg vote comments (26)  as it stands right now. It probably won’t change cause no one is going to really go back and continue the community discussion on it (I have not seen that happen on Digg yet) .

It would seem the matter closed only a few hours later after finishing the initial post on this digg pick.

… and yes, I forgot to come back the next day. LOL

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Luxist Top Comments

The most commented from the blog Luxist.

Luxist is a great blog (and popular), but as you can see from thmost commented over the last 60 days, there are not many comments. What does that mean? Not much. It is definaitly a site to go to for interesting luxury items and related news.

Give a look at the site.

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I bared all to prove nude pics were fakes

If I didn’t read it online today, I would have thought that someone just misunderstood what she said… check out the quote from the digg link:

Supermodel Vida Guerra has decided to pose nude for men’s magazine, Playboy, to demonstrate that her naked photographs on the internet are fake.

So you decide to PROVE those other photos are fake by goting to Playboy (who is soooo known for photoshopping images) to show what now? LMAO

Many seem to take my view on this from Digg in the comments. The logic of this goes along the lines of what someone said in the dig comments, “Vida, I have some pictures of you having sex with me. They might be fakes, we should check.” by holzp

117 comments so far, and 900+ diggs.

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