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The Big Shots Of Blogdom

The Big Shots Of Blogdom

While this is an article that probably only got one comment (mine… if it made it past moderation), I think its a pretty interesting opinion on what is going on in the Blog-o-spere.

Elite bloggers are taking over? Getting the same media attention as say media outlets? (Well maybe not the same, but enough attention to have people pay real close attention to what they are doing)

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TV Squad

TV Squad

Here are the top commented stories for TV Squad:

American Idol totally blew away everything else on the list; almost 600 comments for the story about Stephanie going home and a website Vote for the Worst  maybe helping the matter (along with Howard Stern???). The top 4 articles are about American Idol actually (as you can see).

Battlestar Galatica is getting some attention online. I think I saw something about the show on Digg too.

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107 year old women starts a blog

Well, now maybe my Mom will make a blog or help me with mine. 98 comments and 1034 diggs.

Quote from the digg link:

“My name is Olive Riley. I live in Australia near Sydney. I was born in Broken Hill on Oct. 20th 1899.Broken Hill is a mining town, far away in the centre of Australia. My Friend, Mike, has arranged this blog for me. He is doing the typing and I am telling the stories.”

read more | digg story

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A quarky blog is I do say so myself…

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Little People – a tiny street art project

Little People – a tiny street art project

Pretty cool h’uh? I saw this on another blog called This is such a cool idea and the pictures are pretty amazine and funny. The guy has prints too. Its pretty cool. I remember doing something like this but it was based on toy cars (I plan on having fun with that in the future).  Check the blog out.

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the cool hunter – home

the cool hunter – home

This is got to be the coolest blog find this week. I love the images and the stories. Real cool and dramatic. Check it out.

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Drink of the Week 2.0

Drink of the Week 2.0

A nice blog on drinks, bars, and social activities.  Its yellow so get your shades on. Plenty of link and intersting stories. Plus, it got some pretty cool tips (like getting free drinks).

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Nick : Nick Starr dot com

Nick : Nick Starr dot com

Nice blog there. Easy on theeye and some interesting topics. Take a look for yourself.

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a little pregnant

a little pregnant

A very interesting blog that I will be checking out a little more later on.

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Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death

Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death – Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Looks like more drama for the radio station that did the contest. One of the commenter said:

They aren’t just fireing 10 people. They are shutting down the radio station. Which I think is stupid. Because some woman killed herself in a contest? It’s like the spilling the McDonald’s coffee case. It’s just someone being an idiot. But don’t get me wrong. I happily would have risked my life to get a Wii if I didn’t have one.Posted at 10:12AM on Jan 17th 2007 by Patrick

Not sure if that is true, but I disagree about it being her fault. Not many people think doing something like that can kill you. You enter a contest that they made (its not like buying a drink and spilling it on yourself) thinking its safe and you die because of it? Nooo… not even close to drinking a hot fluid and dropping it in your lap.

In another comments here – 12:36PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Jackson Pritt – basically sums up what I feel.

Over all, a very interesting comment thread.

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