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Looking for a few good bloggers…

My little idea about creating a site that highlights the people that make the social web, well social, has run into a little hitch… I don’t have time to post what going on all over the web as fars as what people are commenting on, digging up, blogging, twittering, and so forth.

So I decided that maybe I need some help on this. I need a couple of bloggers who want to do the same thing I want to do of which is to create a site about the people who make the social web social.

I can’t discuss all the details because I am still working on how i will work. Not sure if it will be hosted hear on WordPress (I hope it can be) or somewhere else. I want some sort of revenue sharing between what I hope will be 5-7 bloggers. The only problem with revenue sharing is that the blog isn’t making anything and probably won’t until at least a year and a half of blogging to get people interested.

Well, anyway, if you are interested, just leave your name on the comment section. Hopefully within the next3-4 months Social orb will b back on the scene with interviews, interesting Twitter profiles, reviews, pics, and more about the people on the web who make the web social.

Social orb is on FriendFeed as well as Twitter. There will be some updates starting in the new year on anything cool I find around the internet town.

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I’m Baaaaaack!!! Social Orb 1.4 lol

I’m back. Sort of left this blog alone for a while lol There is a good reason for this; I don’t have time.

Besides I leaned a little something about this blogging thing. One post can sure take up allot of time. The biggest thing I learned is that I should try to focus on one blog and have fun with that. So that’s what I’m gonna try to do.

I still feel there is a need for a site like this that speaks to what it going on in the people who interact in social community. There are plenty of sites about link sharing, blogging, group news reports… you name it, but where are the blogs that chronicle how the actual people are interacting and what are they saying to each other?

This is why I created the blog. For some reason, it is extremely exciting for me to see what people are saying, what are they looking up, and what is important to them… and what OTHER people have to say about those opinions.

Well, anyway, I’m still gonna give it a shot. Every now and again, I’ll post something. I’ll try to make it a Sunday morning habit and post at least 2 items. 2 blogs a week aint too bad LAMO

One day I will have more time, and I will bring this blog back to full health. Whether the internet will still be social when that happens, I don’t know.

I will still be actively collecting Delicious links, digging up Digg news links, favoriting Flickr pictures, following comments, stumbling upon sites and so forth so come back here to see what’s up in those areas.

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WOW… I Have Been So Neglectful!!!

For some reason, I feel that WordPress just exploded or great blog posts or something…. maybe its just me. On top of that, allot is going on the web as well. From Harry Potter to Green Sneakers.

This blog is supposed to be a report (and a opinion) on what is going on with the people of  the community  that is now the internet and I have SO FAILED you.

Well, that is about to change.

Yeah, I know, some of you guys think my website is soooooooooooo lame. Who wants to read comments of some guy replying to a blog post? LOL Well, many years ago I discovered that its those comments (along with the original post whether it be a blog, a message board post or a “normal” website) help create what I call a KNOWLEDGE BASE.

All sorts of info can be found in the comments as well as the article itself. Some articles are edited BECAUSE of the comments.

I just think with individuals blogging, individuals commenting, individual sharing photos, music and art along with individuals creating new ways to interact socially on the web… well, I think somebody ought to record what is people are saying and doing. Its entertaining, educational and you can really see what is going on in culture and life.

So watch out world (the internet world that is), I’m a comin at ya!!!

Continue reading

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Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities Harlem’s Painted Lady: 65 East 125th Street «

Et Cetera: Publick and Privat Curiosities Harlem’s Painted Lady: 65 East 125th Street «

This was a featured blog post on WordPress many days ago, but I just saw it only a couple of days ago. At any rate, I find this blog post very enlightening. What a wonderful idea to take it upon yourself to chronicle the life of an areas environment. This must take allot of fortitude to continue to do ‘caue we are talking about years, even decades of history being captured.

I am very into spacial environments and how they are designed and how they end up working. Its the reason why I went into Architecture many many years ago. What I am glad to see is that many other people find it interesting too. Plenty of people commented on the work being done here.

This blog post has 33 comments and all of them are insightful and help to create a place where you are safe to think and write what YOU think. I think this is someplace you should take a look at… again.

The most interesting comment:

  1. Jim d’Esterhazy Says:
    June 8th, 2007 at 6:01 pm As a native New Yorker exiled in Florida, it’s interesting, but sad, to have the deterioration documented. On a recent trip back to my old neighborhood, the decline was similar, but to my amazement there was one street – for at least a four block stretch- that had remained the same since the 60’s. I was amazed and curious. What imunity did those four blocks have that shielded them from the decay all around them? It would be interesting to find out.

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Featured Comment RSS: Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

This is the first time I am posting about a featured comment RSS. I have had a few Featured Comment RSS articles, but I decided that whenever I add a new one from now on, I am going to make a corrisponding blob post about it.

The featured comment RSS comes from Netscape and the subject is Islam and women. As you may know, Islam is a hot topic these days for many reasons… so when a english speaking site or a mostly American user base gets their hands on a topic like this, it tends to get people to talk.

airglide says: “make the religion more friendly toward women.”

How does this really change anything? The premise of the koran is that in paradise the man has his harem. His wife on earth can compete for his favor with the other women. With the required circumcision of both genders, the woman gets to be a receptacle for a mans pleasure. It is still a mans religion.

…and the rebutal (well one anyway)

berbles  says, There are millions of single Muslim women that live on their own in America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Europe who maintain their devout beliefs based upon their own understanding of the Quran, obviously it is not strictly a “man’s” religion.

24 members battled it out with each other to make a grand total of 65 comments so far. Original story is here:

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STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

It would seem that the bloggers at Destructoid are very proud of the fact that after a year of being online, they get allot of comments (allot as in adverage 10 per post which is quite big in blogging terms).

The blog post is mainly about the contest they had and the winners but it went into just how many people commented on the blog post (over 200).

If your interested in rated R gaming blogs, you might want to check this one out.

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WOW!! Over 400 Views To This Blog

I’m rather impressed by my little stat of having over 400 unique people coming to the blog. I do not know how good the stat gauge is but I am pleased that in little  more than one month, I managed to excite someone to come to this blog because of the topic I chose to cover.

I think that all this social interacting on-line and “Web 2.0” is what the Internet was intended to be (ans was for a short while in the beginning) and that is a place to share data and information (Yes data is DIFFERENT from information… and knowledge is different from information… and wisdom is the ability to use knowledge wisely but I digress.

What has happened with “Web 2.0” is that its also a place to interact. This interaction is creating what I would call a knowledge base.

Just take a look at the places I have high lighted so far on the internet. The comments are not only educational, but can be down right comical. The interactions and how people interact allows for knowledge to be stored.

In fact, I found out more stuff in the comments than in most blog posts.

With all the stuff I have planned for the blog, I think many more will come and be amazed at what goes on inside social websites. The best part is that it is on a human scale; showing how people interact with people.

Now all I need on this blog is some comments…

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Buying: Space Hulk at Binary Bonsai

Buying: Space Hulk at Binary Bonsai

I never heard of this game but it looks pretty cool. Plus, I absolutely love the colors of it. It’s so rich. Then again, maybe that is just the image…

Well whatever my point is, this game defiantly has some sort of appeal to it.

Learned about a few other sites on the subject of games (and board games for that matter considering the subject) including Space Crusade and

See how interaction can create a knowledge base? It the whole point of this blog. It is (I think) what not too many people focus on and that is how people interact with each other and even help each other out (sometimes for free). The people who vitis this blog site apparently are willing to help out. I love seeing that.

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Site Almost Ready

This weekend I will start doing the reviews the way I really want to. I’ll admit allot of the stuff I will post will be high-lites of what’s going on the social web.

I’m telling you guys (the 1 or 2 people reading this) the comments and blogs people write are pretty amazing. There is incredible knowledge within the social web, especially those comments. There is nothing like getting a reaction to what you are writing. is known for some outragous comments from my view, but there are some blogs here that I have found so far that do pretty well when it comes to comments on blog posts too.

Anyway, I have my weekely review of JoeUser blogs and articles coming up (called the JoeUser Issue). JoeUser is a big interactive community blog site. One of the only ones left that I know of. You are probably saying, “Hey, WordPress is interactive.” It is but no where near JoeUser or another community blogging site You know who the users are, who posts where, featured blogs, featured posts, interactive chatterbox, incredible amounts of features.

At any rate, here is the plan:

  1. Using Flickr to show screenshots of featured blogs
  2. JoueUser Issue (twice a month) that will (hopefully) be featured on
  3.  Featured Comment RSS (along with Featured Story… but that goes withot saying… I think)
  4. YouTube (and Friends) Monthly Review
  5. Yahoo Answers

I think that will be a good start. I’ll focus on that for a while. I already got my url pointed to here so it will be only a few hours and bang! Social Orb is on.

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Free The Planet of Terrorism

Yahoo Answers asks What should we do to free our planet from terrorism? The question was submitted by… you never guess who… Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Who is that? India’s (the country) President. Yes, the President of India has proposed this question to the web 2.0 community. So what is the answer?


YAHOO! ANSWERS staff notice: You can also view the President’s video here:… Register there to also win really cool prizes! Only Indian residents will be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be contacted on their yahoo email ids, so keep checking.

Its a little contest too. Go figure. There are some interesting answers on there from officials from India and other places. Batman also answers. Welcome to the social web.

Sit down, grab a cup of cofee or tea and have a read. There are some really long answers. Mine was a little short. If everyone feels they can achive more than they have, be successful and prosper, then terrorism pretty much ends. Notice people who have freedom, homes, jobs tend not to want war while those who feel limited and stuck tend to want to fight. Oppertunity and the pursuit of happiness. Give them what we all really want in life and all of a sudden, terrorist loose their ability to recruit.

Welcome to the social orb.

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