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Eye on Flickr: Blue Ribbon Photography Group

Flickr: Blue Ribbon Photography [Invited Images ONLY] {NEW CONTEST}

Young Fisheman by i b u

Uploaded on June 25, 2007
by i b u

This photo comes with a poem:

I was too young to take it all in. I was too young to even realize I was young. I was just living my life.
The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything. And now I know how to catch FISH. 


The members of this group community seem very active here. One of the first that I have seen that really use the message forum feature on Flickr (use as in other members actually interact on the forum). Continue reading

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Eye on Flickr: Eye Candy!

Flickr: Eye Candy!

the fly like beer by tangua

Uploaded on June 22, 2007
by tangua

This Flickr group consists of about 26,000 photos. It has 4,004 members in it total so far. Now that is allot of sharing and interaction. I think taking a look at that would be a wonderful idea. Continue reading

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This is amazing! Its so amazing to me that I am inspired to start my web log totally focusing on magazine covers and the stories inside. (I am actually surprised no one else has done this yet… some have come close with category tags, but not a whole blog on the subject of magazine covers and the stories inside. Maybe I’ll start a trend.)  Just look at the covers!!! I think they were all well done. Plus, it doesn’t seem like just a fashionable move on Vanity Fair part. The whole look really works, its not just a common idea that other magazines use to get people to buy 2+ magazines as a ‘collectible’.

As for what the web is saying about this, or more piticularly, on Concreteloop (where I saw the story about this originally) is quite interesting. While most comments on ConcreteLoop tend to be one liners or short quips, there are a few thoughtful comments made about the Vanity Fair issue: Continue reading

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I bared all to prove nude pics were fakes

If I didn’t read it online today, I would have thought that someone just misunderstood what she said… check out the quote from the digg link:

Supermodel Vida Guerra has decided to pose nude for men’s magazine, Playboy, to demonstrate that her naked photographs on the internet are fake.

So you decide to PROVE those other photos are fake by goting to Playboy (who is soooo known for photoshopping images) to show what now? LMAO

Many seem to take my view on this from Digg in the comments. The logic of this goes along the lines of what someone said in the dig comments, “Vida, I have some pictures of you having sex with me. They might be fakes, we should check.” by holzp

117 comments so far, and 900+ diggs.

read more | digg story

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the thinking blog: Support Topless Women

the thinking blog: Support Topless Women

Lets think about this… a topless guy is ok (I guess… I am not too sure I want to see saggy guy boobs) but a topless women will stop traffic and get a ticket (and maybe get arrested).

Guy: No shirt no service

Gal: no shirt pay a fine and/or go to jail.

Nevertheless, can you really see a women walking down the street on a hot summers day with tight jeans and nothing on top just “chillin”? I don’t think our society is ready yet, but I do agree that it is unfair.

108 comments on the subject.

Mig said…
Lol, Ilker! This is another great post. You are right.
In Romania girls go around topless at the beach or swimming pool, and no one seems to mind. In Germany… even tanga is a no-no. I think people worry too much about the wrong issues! Partial nudity is not a problem!
Whether it is appropriate for kids? Please! Kids know women’s breasts better than anyone else!
Mar 13, 2007 1:30:00 PM

Interesting no? By the way, in NY you can go topless ladies (just as long it is ok for both genders to do so).

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Creative photos by Chema Madoz | – a lifestyle blogzine

Creative photos by Chema Madoz | – a lifestyle blogzine

In this post, they show some amazing pictures and some interesting subjects. The hat with the needles at the top is pretty interesting. Hate to wear it thought LOL.

The cloud-skeleton is incredibly nice (well to me). I don’t know how many photos there are, but there are 300+ responses to the post. It is a Stumble Upon  link, and the post got 564 votes. 4.5 stars is the average.  If you can’t read some of the messages, its because its in another language.

Even the ones in English are hard to understand. Spam comments maybe?

I’m glad I Stumbled onto this one. Great blog.

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[daily dose of imagery] [f] downtown strips

[daily dose of imagery] [f] downtown strips

Very cool photography. I love how he combined them all and then uses HMTL to make a nice hover over scene for viewers. 201 comments.

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Who gets naked on the stage?: Hip&Pop – Gossip Bloggin’ about Hips and Popular Urban Culture!

Who gets naked on the stage?: Hip&Pop – Gossip Bloggin’ about Hips and Popular Urban Culture!

Umm…. what’s funny to me is that I knew it was her but I just couldn’t remember the name. All the shape(s) are there… one of the commenters said that she was drunk and this picture was 3 years old.

24 comments so far for this blog post.

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Amazing machine seperates whole lobster from shell while alive! photos!

This might make you feel bad or hurl… 1100 people so far have dug this link and it has over 230+ comments. The first comment gets 163 diggs.Why? Because:

The title of this story seems to indicate that the lobsters survive, but the process obviously kills the lobster.

SweetChuck on 2/12/07

(By the way… anyone suprise that they have a blog on lobsters???????)

Here is the quote from the digg link:

When the lobsters come out of the Avure machine after a minute or two, the result is arresting. Every piece of meat can easily be extracted from the shell, raw and fully intact, including the leg muscles. After shucking, here is what the lobster looks like…

read more | digg story

Well, its look like Digg is open again. Had some trouble with the “Blog It” feature but it seems to work fine now. I wonder if they will allow some HTML in the text again… lets find out.

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A interesting concept for a social networking site. Take a look at the topics that appear on the front page:

Save Net Neutrality Improve Public Schools Empower Women End Homelessness help children in cambodia Cure Diabetes End global poverty Support indigenous struggles worldwide Universal Health Care Support Public Transportation Stop Drunk Driving cure malaria Peace in the Middle East Reduce Child Obesity Separate Church and State End dependency on oil Stop Animal Testing make love not war cure AIDS Increase Funding for Stem Cell Research Recycle Cure Multiple Sclerosis sustainable lifestyle Advance Gay Rights New Orleans Aid End the Crisis in Darfur Provide Learning Opportunities for Underprivileged Kids Protect Free Speech Help Iraqi Refugees Protect women’s right to choose Fight Bone Cancer Recruit idealistic techies to work for mission-based organizations


(It looks better on the website than on here)


Lets look  at a topic shall we?

Save Net Neutrality
On this page we have everything that has to do with the topic of Net Neutrality. It shows how many people want the change, a couple of featured blogs on the subject, videos on the subject, picture on the subject (there are pictures about this?) and of course plain old comments (there are about 8 in all so far) .

Pretty interesting site. I will be going back to review blogs, comments and videos on hot topics (and maybe some cold ones too).

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