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Photo Matt » Meaningful Overnight Relationship

Photo Matt » Meaningful Overnight Relationship

Almost a month ago, one of the original creators of WordPress speaks his mind about the press and being part of an, as some would say, “Overnight Success Story”.

Here are some of the best comments:

Niall Kennedy
10.05.2007 @ 2:45 pm

I think it is possible to be an “overnight success” even if the path leading up to the success moment was years of hard work in the making. Bands immediately come to mind who played the same instruments with the same group of guys for years, trying to perfect their own view of music, and then success hits.

Maroon 5 was previously known as Kara’s Flowers, a band some friends formed in high school (young founders) and played their first gig in 1995. Perhaps the genre of music just wasn’t right, or they needed a new instrument somewhere, and Maroon 5 is somewhat of an overnight success in 2002 with the release of Songs About Jane.

I’m sure Oprah could mention her favorite back scratcher and it would turn into an overnight success.

Good post with insight into your unique life and view on things. Thanks.

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Clouds and Drop Downs «

Clouds and Drop Downs «

A new feature has been added for us using social blog site. I also found out that there is a Tag Generator out there… I didn’t know that… or I forgot.

Anyway, the new feature is pretty cool. Now all I have to do is figure out how to redesign the site… it doesn’t seem to be clear cut to me just yet, but I didn’t really investigate it.

120+ comments on the blog post. Most thanks and congratulations.

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