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Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

3 men pay 10 dollars each for a room. The room ends up costing 25 dollars. The bellhop is suppossed to give them back 5 dollars but nonly gives them 3 (its easier to split 3 dollars amost 3 people than 5, right? I mean 1.33333333 cents is hard to brake)

So, each man gets back a dollar.  So they paid 9 dollars each instead of 10 right? That’s 27 dollars. the Bellhop has 2 dollars, where is the other dollar?


149 comments so far, 380,000+ views and a rating of 3.94 for this video. Once you get past all the comments of people calling each other stupid, you might get the answer (hint: somewhere the math is done wrong. as a group the 3 men get the 3 dollars back so that is 28… where did 27 come from?) is the place that is sort of advertised in this video.


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Stupid Video

Stupid Video

I don’t know if its really funny, really embarrising or just really sad. When the guy said that he was super tired and had lots of coffee, I knew that was it. Even his stumbling over words… that didn’t seem to be nervousness, its seemed more of just being out of it.

The video has 561 comments, a million + views and a score of 4 out of 5 rating.

Plenty of arguments on this one. Ranging from how our educational system is all but doomed to how brainless th guy in the video is.

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