Social Orb

What is going on in the world of social interaction


This blog is about the social community and how people interact with each other within social sites. From blogs to messageboards and video, Social Orb covers hot, not so hot and just plain interesting (to me at least) topics in the social community of websites.

Sites I will focus on are:

  1. Community blog site JoeUser
  2. Community submitted news link sharing site Digg
  3. Community submitted questions on Yahoo Answers
  4. Community sharing video site YouTube

While I will cover other sites like TechCrunch, AutoBlog, Slashdot, Neowin, WinCustomize, DeviantArt and so forth as well as sites that might not be so interactive but does allow for users to intereact and share comments (like CNET for example)


  1. Thank You

    Comment by Alex | April 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. I’m a reporter with the Christian Science Monitor newspaper in Boston. I’m pulling together a story on the Digg/HD DVD kerfuffle.

    I’m looking to get some blogger’s voices into the article. Can we talk a little about it? It’ll just take a few minutes.

    –Chris Gaylord

    AIM: gaylordcsm
    Phone: 617-450-2402

    Comment by Chris Gaylord – Reporter for CSMonitor | May 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. You Know I’mma try to get the Kingz County Jointz!!! Flight Club (on the blogroll) has them but they running for a pretty penny! Thanks for the comment. be sure to come back to the 80’s baby soon!

    Comment by Dope!!! | July 1, 2007 | Reply

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