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1M User Party Update!… Part II

Original post here: 1M User Party Update!…

utcursch eventuall got modded down. He has -12 digg down votes.

TheWalkingDude  has the most positive digg vote comments (26)  as it stands right now. It probably won’t change cause no one is going to really go back and continue the community discussion on it (I have not seen that happen on Digg yet) .

It would seem the matter closed only a few hours later after finishing the initial post on this digg pick.

… and yes, I forgot to come back the next day. LOL


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Obama’s Pastor Speaks Out « Skeptical Brotha

Obama’s Pastor Speaks Out « Skeptical Brotha

A day later this post now has 70+ comments. My original post can on this can be seen below:

Obama’s Pastor Speaks Out « Skeptical Brotha

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