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Calling Cheney’s Bluff

Calling Cheney’s Bluff

With the news focused on Paris Hilton being released and then interviewed, I am surprised that this got any airplay, but a few places caught it (NBC and the NY Times to name a few) and it is an interesting catch.

Digg lead me to a blog/news site called The Nation. Basically the post is about how the vice president says that the office of the vice president isn’t part of the executive branch therefor doesn’t have to follow the rules of the national archives.

The twist is that one democratic (you now a republican would not say something against his own… then again democrats don’t do that either) basically says if your not part of the executive branch then why are you getting executive branch money? You should get president of congress money for your staff.

Digg is going crazy over this. I guess some of that spilled over to the blog because its got plenty of comments (84 total) on the subject.

Best comment:

So the same crowd that wouldn’t defund a FAILED WAR….are going to “step up” and defund Cheney’s office?!?!?!?

As for Cheney’s claim, though seemingly idiotic (How could a man a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency NOT be in the Executive Branch?)….he may be able to fight it out in the Supreme Court.

Consider…the Vice-President is ALSO Constitutionally…the President of the Senate, overseeing procedures and able to cast a tie-breaking vote. The President nor any other Executive Branch person has a vote in the Senate, therefore it opens up the possibility that the Veep has BOTH Executive and Legislative powers.

And the Bush/Cheney guys aren’t stupid. They can figure this as well AND figure that if it goes to the USSC (the US Supreme Court), that with Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas….ALL they need is one more Justice on their side to win.

Posted by MASK 06/25/2007 @ 08:59am

I hate to admit it, but Cheney might have a valid argument. I don’t think its too valid because he is obviously part of the executive branch and his seat as president of the Senate is only there for checks and balances… and can he even vote on anything unless it actually is a tie? In other words, when exactly does he vote on anything (other than voting on 50-50 tie decisions)???


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Featured Comment: by obliviousfool on 6/25/07

The Place:

Dry cleaner WINS in $54 million dollar BS suit – There is hope after all!

obliviousfool on 6/25/07
(On Digg, this comment got 109 positive digg votes… including mine)

I don’t think the guy bringing the lawsuit ever thought he was going to win. He wanted to waste the dry cleaners’ time like he felt his time was wasted by them regarding the pants. He was basically abusing the justice system to make a point. IOW, the guy is a complete d*ck.

I think this comment pretty much sums up what could have been going on in the platiffs mind. I guess he figured he would never win such a lawsuit and NEVER get the amount he was asking for, but he just wanted to get back at the cleaners for losing his pants.

In other words this was the  most fantasically stupid lawsuit I have ever heard of. I think he should pay for the court fees, pay for the cleaners lawyers, and pay for the shop owners lost time dealing with this mess. I think the judge’s court record should be reviewed, I think he should be censured and maybe even thrown off the bench because OBVIOUSLY his judgment is impaired. Even if he did this to waste time and money of at the cleaners expense, asking for 51 million (and crying because of the “pain” he was in after loosing his pants) was the most absurd thing in this case.

The runner up for featured comment in this post is this…. I can’t believe that the cleaners offered the judge 12,000 to settle the case…  holycrapitsed certainly must have felt that, out of the whole case, this was the most ridiculous item.

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Featured Comment: by tehpwnrate on 6/25/07

The Place:

CNN Dumps Michael Moore For Paris Hilton

tehpwnrate on 6/25/07 (63 positive comment votes)

And while CNN is showing this irrelevant news, I’m sure the Daily Show will have some actual news. Damn it’s sad what the news has become.

I think he pretty much sums up what is going on here in the new media age of the 21 Century.  While this comment got 63 positive comment diggs (the top voted comment got491 so far, I feel that it is actually the best comment for the story posted.

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This is amazing! Its so amazing to me that I am inspired to start my web log totally focusing on magazine covers and the stories inside. (I am actually surprised no one else has done this yet… some have come close with category tags, but not a whole blog on the subject of magazine covers and the stories inside. Maybe I’ll start a trend.)  Just look at the covers!!! I think they were all well done. Plus, it doesn’t seem like just a fashionable move on Vanity Fair part. The whole look really works, its not just a common idea that other magazines use to get people to buy 2+ magazines as a ‘collectible’.

As for what the web is saying about this, or more piticularly, on Concreteloop (where I saw the story about this originally) is quite interesting. While most comments on ConcreteLoop tend to be one liners or short quips, there are a few thoughtful comments made about the Vanity Fair issue: Continue reading

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Frozen In TIME: Digg Top 10

A frozen in time moment on Digg showing the top ten as it currently stands:


Trent Reznor: “No wonder people steal music.”


John Travolta is trying to prevent you from watching a BBC show


Marijuana does NOT cause cancer

Continue reading

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Featured Comment: by GawtMilk on 5/02/07 on Digg

The Place:

Why All The Censorship? HD-DVD Has Digg In Its Pocketbook.

55 positive comment votes

GawtMilk on 5/02/07

Jesus, this is just some proof that diggers are complete and total morons. Instead of alerting people who could actually MAKE USE of the keys, the thirteen year old dateless lowlifes went around saying “09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0” in every fucking thread. Look at the outcomes.

1) HD-DVD encryption keys were changed
2) No HD-DVDs were actually played thanks to this valuable information
3) Digg was ruined for a day, who really wants to see eighty different ‘articles’ talking about 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0?
4) Regular threads were spammed with the string of numbers.
5) There are only a few HD-DVDs using these keys
6) Who the fuck even has an HD-DVD drive in there computer

Why not wait until more HD-DVDs were produced with the key / more people had the drives?

Why would Digg want the big companies to realize we new the key? What did you expect them to do, think “shit, they’ve got us now”? Fucking stupid. HD-DVD decryption was in our hands, and you fucking morons blew it. The story should never have been posted in the first place. The average Digger had no use for that information. It’s not like VLC Media player has an “input HD-DVD encryption key” dialoge box we could’ve used.

Thanks a lot, assholes. Rather than showing the encryption keys to people who could’ve actually used it for good, we showed it to the general public who turned it into some shitty meme. That’s all it is anymore, a shitty meme. We no longer have anything. You morons fucking ruined it.

WE CAN NO LONGER USE THE KEY “09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0”. THEY CHANGED THE KEY.


I agree with the mere fact that by posting this thing all over the place, you have now made it unusable. I think this was more about who controls Digg and what gets shown…

Continue reading

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Featured Comment: by fizzandpop on May 4th 2007

From: Autoblog

Holy $#!@ – John Schneider’s General Lee sold for nearly $10 million on eBay!

Utterly retarded. Someone mentioned before how this car was a “Piece of History”. If crap from a seventies kids show counts as our history, then we aren’t leaving behind a much of a legacy are we? Please, couldn’t that ten mill have been sent on body armor for troops, and entire neighborhood for Catrina victims, or a whole bus load of hookers for me? The rich just keep getting more repugnant by the day. Now, I have to go off and sue my drycleaner for $65 million.

Posted at 2:38PM on May 4th 2007 by fizzandpop

Now that says a mouthtful about what he thinks of the person who bought The General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazzard ought to do with the money. The story was featured on digg as well.

The article found its way onto Digg as well. When you finish checking out the comments from AutoBlog, check out the ones from Digg.

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Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

WHAT the HECK just happened on Digg? And what does this code thing mean? People have dugg this item up to almost 12000 votes. Currently its 500 votes away from 12000. 813 comments. The highest comment got 700+ positive comment votes.

Anyway, what is this code and what does it mean? What is it even related to? The link goes to Digg’s official blog but that doesn’t explain what’s going on other than Digg getting a stop order for posting the code up. I’m trying to get the page to load, but it has so many comments that it crashes my browser… and yes I’m on FireFox (I should update it).

I’ll take a look at this later:

Why All The Censorship? HD-DVD Has Digg In Its Pocketbook.

And this:

Diggnation – HD DVD Wins

And this:

Digg users right to freedom of speech, 50,000+ diggs strong!!

More on this later.

Digg pick link quote:

“But now, after seeing hundreds of stories and reading thousands of comments, you

’ve made it clear. You’d rather see Digg go down fighting than bow down to a bigger company. We hear you, and effective immediately we won’t delete stories or comments containing the code and will deal with whatever the consequences might be.”

read more | digg story

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Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Web Worker Emergency Survival Kit «

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Web Worker Emergency Survival Kit «

A very helpful blog post that looks into what a person needs as a tech worker in a emergency situation. The 35 comments so far only help someone reading the blog post to think about what they would need in a time of emergency.

I personally think a usb key, a tool kit, backup connection, and a flashlight. I also might carry aa RJ45 cord to plug into the internet using dial-up if I have to. Not everybody has DSL.

The article also has 580 diggs.

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digg / IAmTroll / news / comments

digg / IAmTroll / news / comments

Apparently IAmTroll is a troll. What is a troll? On message forums, blogs and pretty much anywhere you can type up a responce in a comment section, thisis a person who basically annouys and says stuff that may or may not be on topic.

IAmTroll apparently gets dugg down in negative comments allot. but then again, he (or she) only has 6 comments on the entire site… so maybe IAmTroll can’t officially be called atroll but the comment made on Fox News: If not for Clinton, Americans would be afraid of Black president was pretty wack.

What was the comment?

By IAmTroll 22 hours ago:

America would be better if the black people didn’t vote.

1. On average, they are poorer than non-blacks; therefore, they vote in people who develop nanny states (welfare programs, food stamps), and steal from the rich/successful. We can see this today with all the Dems pandering to the poor minorities with “Universal Healthcare”.

2. Black culture is making America a stupider place; remember back in the 50’s during the Cold War when blacks didn’t have power–America was focused on science and engineering. Now all kids want to do is rap, and act/talk stupid.

3. Blacks are more violent than non-blacks, have far too many children beyond their means–further nurturing the nanny state because most don’t have good jobs. Blacks are less intelligent than non-blacks; they reproduce quickly, therefore are making stupider children–and now, intelligent kids’ schools are being dumbed down so the blacks don’t “feel bad”. (All established facts)

There you have it. Negative 64 digg. There are some very interesting answers that you might want to read includeing a point by point by another reader as to why IAmTroll has hit such a nerve.

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