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WOW… I Have Been So Neglectful!!!

For some reason, I feel that WordPress just exploded or great blog posts or something…. maybe its just me. On top of that, allot is going on the web as well. From Harry Potter to Green Sneakers.

This blog is supposed to be a report (and a opinion) on what is going on with the people of  the community  that is now the internet and I have SO FAILED you.

Well, that is about to change.

Yeah, I know, some of you guys think my website is soooooooooooo lame. Who wants to read comments of some guy replying to a blog post? LOL Well, many years ago I discovered that its those comments (along with the original post whether it be a blog, a message board post or a “normal” website) help create what I call a KNOWLEDGE BASE.

All sorts of info can be found in the comments as well as the article itself. Some articles are edited BECAUSE of the comments.

I just think with individuals blogging, individuals commenting, individual sharing photos, music and art along with individuals creating new ways to interact socially on the web… well, I think somebody ought to record what is people are saying and doing. Its entertaining, educational and you can really see what is going on in culture and life.

So watch out world (the internet world that is), I’m a comin at ya!!!

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SNL short a lot less funny due to Virginia Tech shootings « Hard Drive Life

SNL short a lot less funny due to Virginia Tech shootings « Hard Drive Life

I remember when September 11 happened and that Spiderman was about to come out and one of the advertisings had a helicoptor caught in a web that was between the 2 towers of the World Trade Center.

The never showed that ad (although I think you can see it on the web at YouTube).

The is a video on the blog and the article was featured on WordPress main page. 14 comments so far.

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3D Medical Animation of Normal Vaginal Childbirth « Biosingularity

3D Medical Animation of Normal Vaginal Childbirth « Biosingularity

The quote says it all:

This fascinating 3D medical animation shows a time lapse view of labor and delivery during normal vaginal birth in a simplified form with only the mother’s skeletal structures and the baby in the uterus.

That was very… fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Maybe because I’m a guy? it looks incredible… and painful.

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Girl in Paris Texas prison for shoving hall monitor to go free

There has got to be something I just don’t understand about this story… how do you go to what basically amounts to being a jail, get a sentence of 7 years for shoving a teacher? Shoving? Since the Washington Post didn’t allow people to freely read this piticular article, the comment with the most positive diggs is the one who copied the article so people could read it (rune420).

Digg quote pick link:

Shaquanda Cotton, the black teenager in the small east Texas town of Paris whose prison sentence of up to 7 years for shoving a teacher’s aide sparked nationwide controversy, will be released Saturday morning, prison officials confirmed on Friday.

AMAZING. She was put in with hardened criminals! Prision extentions, sexual assalt… this is worst by far than the 2 border patrol agents being thrown in jail for 10 years plus for shooting at a drug smugglers on the run.

PLUS check out the comment by cameron074 ( 49 positive comment diggs)

“Her case rose to national prominence and became the focus of ongoing civil rights protests after a March 12 Tribune story detailed how a 14-year-old white girl convicted of the more serious crime of arson was sentenced to probation by the same judge.”

Ah, it’s nice to know that racism is still alive and well in that Texas courtroom.

I personally don’t usually scream racism at the top of my lungs but this looks pretty clear cut unless something comes up to show it isn’t.

read more | digg story

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Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

3 men pay 10 dollars each for a room. The room ends up costing 25 dollars. The bellhop is suppossed to give them back 5 dollars but nonly gives them 3 (its easier to split 3 dollars amost 3 people than 5, right? I mean 1.33333333 cents is hard to brake)

So, each man gets back a dollar.  So they paid 9 dollars each instead of 10 right? That’s 27 dollars. the Bellhop has 2 dollars, where is the other dollar?


149 comments so far, 380,000+ views and a rating of 3.94 for this video. Once you get past all the comments of people calling each other stupid, you might get the answer (hint: somewhere the math is done wrong. as a group the 3 men get the 3 dollars back so that is 28… where did 27 come from?) is the place that is sort of advertised in this video.

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Stupid Video

Stupid Video

I don’t know if its really funny, really embarrising or just really sad. When the guy said that he was super tired and had lots of coffee, I knew that was it. Even his stumbling over words… that didn’t seem to be nervousness, its seemed more of just being out of it.

The video has 561 comments, a million + views and a score of 4 out of 5 rating.

Plenty of arguments on this one. Ranging from how our educational system is all but doomed to how brainless th guy in the video is.

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Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It

“Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It,” White Men and Freedom of Speech « Women’s Space/The Margins

Now you KNOW people are going to comment on this one. Especially if the site is called WomenSpace.

Its a long post and the responses are full of all kinds of thoughts on the subject. Was the guy just kidding? Was he serious? Even if he wasn’t ‘just kidding’, doesn’t he have the right to voice that opinion?

rrede makes the first post and does a good job of putting it into perspective from an educators point of view.

Miko thinks its just a satire with bad timing.

Either way, you will have an opinion about it. plently of opinions here… even some links.

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Whacky Tactics – Barbara Corcoran Ink

Barbara Corcoran Ink

A very interesting post that pretty much sums up what I knew since I started my junior year in Architecture school that you can find budding neighborhoods by looking at things that most people ignore.

Someone might say that her talking to gay waiters and wanna-be actors as a little racist and miserable… but her point is that she is talking to people who think different (lead users… you know… the guy or gal you go to to find out why you should use this or the person who is first to have that and is actually educated on the subject) to find places that are up and coming before anybody else thinks so.

As I posted on here blog, the stuff she spouts (even in the 2nd video down on the side column) is what I learned while in Architecture school as well as working fora transportation organization. Heck, now that I think about it more, the point was really driven home after reading a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Top Comment on this blog post:

Eddie Wilson
Why don’t we just take our economic advice from Bon Jovi? Its about as sane.

Barbara Corcoran did not make her money by investing. She did not make her money by knowing markets.

She made her money by convincing sellers their apartment sucked in the same week she convinced buyers that same apartment was fantastic.

She is a saleswoman, plain and simple. And she completely missed the bubble bursting, too (check her comments from a year ago). She doesn’t know sh*t about the markets.

Taking investment advice from her is like having Elvis Costello fix your car.

It just doesn’t get funnier than that… Barbara Corcoran responded to it too and so did a few others. Take a look by clicking the link above.

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A interesting concept for a social networking site. Take a look at the topics that appear on the front page:

Save Net Neutrality Improve Public Schools Empower Women End Homelessness help children in cambodia Cure Diabetes End global poverty Support indigenous struggles worldwide Universal Health Care Support Public Transportation Stop Drunk Driving cure malaria Peace in the Middle East Reduce Child Obesity Separate Church and State End dependency on oil Stop Animal Testing make love not war cure AIDS Increase Funding for Stem Cell Research Recycle Cure Multiple Sclerosis sustainable lifestyle Advance Gay Rights New Orleans Aid End the Crisis in Darfur Provide Learning Opportunities for Underprivileged Kids Protect Free Speech Help Iraqi Refugees Protect women’s right to choose Fight Bone Cancer Recruit idealistic techies to work for mission-based organizations


(It looks better on the website than on here)


Lets look  at a topic shall we?

Save Net Neutrality
On this page we have everything that has to do with the topic of Net Neutrality. It shows how many people want the change, a couple of featured blogs on the subject, videos on the subject, picture on the subject (there are pictures about this?) and of course plain old comments (there are about 8 in all so far) .

Pretty interesting site. I will be going back to review blogs, comments and videos on hot topics (and maybe some cold ones too).

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Daily Kos: College Freshmen on Politics

Daily Kos: College Freshmen on Politics

Lots of people… well 95 people… felt the need to comment on this one. Very interesting points of view going on here. For more, just click the link above.

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