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JoeUser: Top And Featured Articles

Here are the top and featured articles on JoeUser as of today:

Top JoeUser Articles


Featured JoeUser Articles


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What happens if the Earth starts cooling? – A JoeUser Article

What happens if the Earth starts cooling? – A JoeUser Article

55 very informative and arumentative comments to read through. You will get anything from actual data linked to sites to comments like you can catch global warming from sitting on the toilet seat. We even have a video and a piture to liven up the comments in this blog article.

You got to lay your eyes on this one.

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Site Almost Ready

This weekend I will start doing the reviews the way I really want to. I’ll admit allot of the stuff I will post will be high-lites of what’s going on the social web.

I’m telling you guys (the 1 or 2 people reading this) the comments and blogs people write are pretty amazing. There is incredible knowledge within the social web, especially those comments. There is nothing like getting a reaction to what you are writing. is known for some outragous comments from my view, but there are some blogs here that I have found so far that do pretty well when it comes to comments on blog posts too.

Anyway, I have my weekely review of JoeUser blogs and articles coming up (called the JoeUser Issue). JoeUser is a big interactive community blog site. One of the only ones left that I know of. You are probably saying, “Hey, WordPress is interactive.” It is but no where near JoeUser or another community blogging site You know who the users are, who posts where, featured blogs, featured posts, interactive chatterbox, incredible amounts of features.

At any rate, here is the plan:

  1. Using Flickr to show screenshots of featured blogs
  2. JoueUser Issue (twice a month) that will (hopefully) be featured on
  3.  Featured Comment RSS (along with Featured Story… but that goes withot saying… I think)
  4. YouTube (and Friends) Monthly Review
  5. Yahoo Answers

I think that will be a good start. I’ll focus on that for a while. I already got my url pointed to here so it will be only a few hours and bang! Social Orb is on.

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