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Blogger Outed: ‘Fake Steve’ is Dan Lyons – Yahoo! News

Blogger Outed: ‘Fake Steve’ is Dan Lyons – Yahoo! News

At long last, someone has cracked one of the technology world’s biggest mysteries — the identity of Fake Steve, a sharp-tongued blogger who had tech aficionados in stitches with a satiric diary purporting to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Now for the really good part: Both the blogger and the guy who outed him are from staunch bastions of Old Media, Forbes magazine and The New York Times.

In a story published on Monday, Brad Stone of the Times outed Dan Lyons, a technology editor at Forbes, as the author of “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs,” a daily account of events in the tech industry as seen through a caricature of Jobs. The blog can be found at


Wow. I didn’t really know about this blog except for a brief post on Digg and maybe being on the front page a couple of times. While I don’t find this that interesting, it does involve the social internet and how people interact with each other… so how can I not add it to the archive?

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Photo Matt » Meaningful Overnight Relationship

Photo Matt » Meaningful Overnight Relationship

Almost a month ago, one of the original creators of WordPress speaks his mind about the press and being part of an, as some would say, “Overnight Success Story”.

Here are some of the best comments:

Niall Kennedy
10.05.2007 @ 2:45 pm

I think it is possible to be an “overnight success” even if the path leading up to the success moment was years of hard work in the making. Bands immediately come to mind who played the same instruments with the same group of guys for years, trying to perfect their own view of music, and then success hits.

Maroon 5 was previously known as Kara’s Flowers, a band some friends formed in high school (young founders) and played their first gig in 1995. Perhaps the genre of music just wasn’t right, or they needed a new instrument somewhere, and Maroon 5 is somewhat of an overnight success in 2002 with the release of Songs About Jane.

I’m sure Oprah could mention her favorite back scratcher and it would turn into an overnight success.

Good post with insight into your unique life and view on things. Thanks.

  Continue reading

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Most Commented in 7 Days: Engadget is what’s going on at Engadget when it comes to comments:

Really? people saying ‘no thanks’ to iPhone? I seen the Apple tablet PC today on some site (have to find it now) and I have to say THAT looks real cool. But the iPhone; no I am not feeling that. Great idea though, but not iPod enough. I want a phone that plays music so bad it hurts… but who/what/where/when will do it up the right way?

This stuff is interesting… worth a read (the story and, of course, the comments) .

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Clouds and Drop Downs «

Clouds and Drop Downs «

A new feature has been added for us using social blog site. I also found out that there is a Tag Generator out there… I didn’t know that… or I forgot.

Anyway, the new feature is pretty cool. Now all I have to do is figure out how to redesign the site… it doesn’t seem to be clear cut to me just yet, but I didn’t really investigate it.

120+ comments on the blog post. Most thanks and congratulations.

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Photo Matt » Plugin Authors Get No Love

Photo Matt » Plugin Authors Get No Love

Didn’t know so many people find this ture or even a topic of interest. 72+ comments for this blog post. It gets technical and very interesting… if you even care about plug in authors LOL

Tom Wright
12.04.2007 @ 4:56 pm

I think that the main difference between plugins and themes in this context is that plugins are more unique because they each add a new functionality.
Themes all do the same thing (display the blog), are often similar to some other theme and are often customised by the end user anyway.
So it’s easier to put a theme into the world than a plugin, and the theme author has more control than their plugin equivalent – which is why ads appear in free themes.

Makes you think h’uh?

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Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Web Worker Emergency Survival Kit «

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive Web Worker Emergency Survival Kit «

A very helpful blog post that looks into what a person needs as a tech worker in a emergency situation. The 35 comments so far only help someone reading the blog post to think about what they would need in a time of emergency.

I personally think a usb key, a tool kit, backup connection, and a flashlight. I also might carry aa RJ45 cord to plug into the internet using dial-up if I have to. Not everybody has DSL.

The article also has 580 diggs.

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Coding Horror: Creating User Friendly 404 Pages

Coding Horror: Creating User Friendly 404 Pages

A very interesting blog post. I originally saw the link from digg (Creating User Friendly 404 Pages20 comments) bt I felt this needed a special little separate posting on its own.

I always thought that it is a good idea to have a helpful 404 error page. Most sites on the net (inluding all of mine) have lousy missing page or sotry requested pages (what usually generates the 404 error).

In the comments of this posting,Andrew Ferguson posts a nice link to a very helpful error page:

Mark posted a link to a related article on creating helpful 404 pages:

Some agree that having the numbers 404 on the error page in not nessicary (but you the website admin shouldknow when someone has created this page) while others are not so sure. yossi (on March 17, 2007 09:53 PM) agrees that there needs to be an error code shown on the page.

The post has over 20 comments and 3 blog reactions

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Hackers Promise Month of MySpace Bugs

One of the biggest (I think it is the biggest) social sites is being threatened by 2 hackers in a apparent move to show MySpace (and its users) that there are some major problems with the site. Personally, I am not sure how this will play out. It is know that MySpace is at its max due to the amount of people on the site. They have been working on MySpace 2 for the longest but I guess it will be years before it does come out due to the amount of users and the posibility that they may loose people.

According to some of the comments left on this digg link, the hackers have a blog journal. Go figure. Most of the comments look forward to this event. One commenter wonders if this is an April Fools joke and the lone person so far to say they like MySpace was only dugg down (their comment) by one digg point.

Nobody mentions any alternative sites to MySpace strangely enough…

Digg pick link quote:

But two hackers going by the names of Mondo Armando and M üstaschio promise to begin disclosing security vulnerabilities in MySpace, News Corp.’s popular social networking site, every day next month.

read more | digg story

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STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

It would seem that the bloggers at Destructoid are very proud of the fact that after a year of being online, they get allot of comments (allot as in adverage 10 per post which is quite big in blogging terms).

The blog post is mainly about the contest they had and the winners but it went into just how many people commented on the blog post (over 200).

If your interested in rated R gaming blogs, you might want to check this one out.

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Sony’s Grouper Picks Fight With Searchles

Sony’s Grouper Picks Fight With Searchles

I hardly ever go to Grouper even though it is a social site for videos, and I hardly go to Searchles (but I go more often than Grouper). nevertheless I find it funny that they are going at each other. This is the first time I have seen 2 social sites (other than Digg and Netscape I guess) go at it. First I ever heard (or read) of a lawsuit.

26 most interesting comments on the blog about this subject.

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