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Featured Comment: by tehpwnrate on 6/25/07

The Place:

CNN Dumps Michael Moore For Paris Hilton

tehpwnrate on 6/25/07 (63 positive comment votes)

And while CNN is showing this irrelevant news, I’m sure the Daily Show will have some actual news. Damn it’s sad what the news has become.

I think he pretty much sums up what is going on here in the new media age of the 21 Century.  While this comment got 63 positive comment diggs (the top voted comment got491 so far, I feel that it is actually the best comment for the story posted.

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Top Comments on TMZ

Here are the most commented on TMZ, the gossip blog on AOL:

As you can see, Paris Hilton has taken over TMZ.

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Most Commented in 7 Days: Engadget is what’s going on at Engadget when it comes to comments:

Really? people saying ‘no thanks’ to iPhone? I seen the Apple tablet PC today on some site (have to find it now) and I have to say THAT looks real cool. But the iPhone; no I am not feeling that. Great idea though, but not iPod enough. I want a phone that plays music so bad it hurts… but who/what/where/when will do it up the right way?

This stuff is interesting… worth a read (the story and, of course, the comments) .

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TV Squad

TV Squad

Here are the top commented stories for TV Squad:

American Idol totally blew away everything else on the list; almost 600 comments for the story about Stephanie going home and a website Vote for the Worst  maybe helping the matter (along with Howard Stern???). The top 4 articles are about American Idol actually (as you can see).

Battlestar Galatica is getting some attention online. I think I saw something about the show on Digg too.

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Featured Comment RSS: Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

This is the first time I am posting about a featured comment RSS. I have had a few Featured Comment RSS articles, but I decided that whenever I add a new one from now on, I am going to make a corrisponding blob post about it.

The featured comment RSS comes from Netscape and the subject is Islam and women. As you may know, Islam is a hot topic these days for many reasons… so when a english speaking site or a mostly American user base gets their hands on a topic like this, it tends to get people to talk.

airglide says: “make the religion more friendly toward women.”

How does this really change anything? The premise of the koran is that in paradise the man has his harem. His wife on earth can compete for his favor with the other women. With the required circumcision of both genders, the woman gets to be a receptacle for a mans pleasure. It is still a mans religion.

…and the rebutal (well one anyway)

berbles  says, There are millions of single Muslim women that live on their own in America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Europe who maintain their devout beliefs based upon their own understanding of the Quran, obviously it is not strictly a “man’s” religion.

24 members battled it out with each other to make a grand total of 65 comments so far. Original story is here:

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Freakonomics Blog » Who Comments on Blogs, and Why?

Freakonomics Blog » Who Comments on Blogs, and Why?

Somebody is noticing the comment revolution!!! Go figure.  The blog post about the ratio between readers to commenters got 104 comments so far… and who knows how many readers.

Pretty decent comments on this post and on the blog in general. Its worth a read expecially if your into blogging or your building a website that you want people to comment on stories.

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Most Dugg Up Digg Comment Ever

Well, this seems right up my alley. Shouldn’t I have been the one to post this since my whole blog is about people interacting by commenting on sites? LOL Well, just to show just how dynamic the situation is the original poster ends up being wrong about the highest dugg comment (but probably wasn’t when he wrote it I guess.) The comment he speaks of got 1800+ while, ironically, in the comments of the post, someone pointed out on another Digg link that a commenter got 2100+. It gets better. this original digg story has 1900+ diggs while the other digg story has over 6000+ diggs.

What’s the other story?
The Complete Ownage of a Woman 6400+ diggs and over 600+ comments!

My Digging friend apocxp also agrees with me on digging up this story and a couple agreements on some of the comment diggs. The moral of this story is leave the ‘most dugg story and dugg comment’ to me… a professional.


Quote from digg link:
Ever wonder what the most dugg up comment on Digg was? (for those who haven’t already seen it)

read more | digg story

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Top Comments:

Today’s featured top comments come from Some of you may have heard of this blog (that apparently AOL owns or is seriously involved with) but for those who don’t know what kind of blog it is, let me tell you. Its a celebrity gossip blog that tends to focus on Paris Hilton but can end up almost all over Hollywood.

It has recently become (somehow) the place for ANYTHING Anna Nicole Smith and any hint of a story related to her since her death yesterday. Well, it just so happens that this ISNT the most commented blog post on TMZ. Check it out:

There you have it. Take a peek and see what the social web is talking about on TMZ.

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Daily Kos: College Freshmen on Politics

Daily Kos: College Freshmen on Politics

Lots of people… well 95 people… felt the need to comment on this one. Very interesting points of view going on here. For more, just click the link above.

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co.mments – Track your conversations

co.mments – Track your conversations

Well…. looks like somebody has the same idea I have. I’m telling you, those darned comments can be more entertaining and educational (edutainment… LOL) than the actual blog post.

Now you have a way to track them easier… as soo do I MUHAHAHAHAhahaha

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