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Looking for a few good bloggers…

My little idea about creating a site that highlights the people that make the social web, well social, has run into a little hitch… I don’t have time to post what going on all over the web as fars as what people are commenting on, digging up, blogging, twittering, and so forth.

So I decided that maybe I need some help on this. I need a couple of bloggers who want to do the same thing I want to do of which is to create a site about the people who make the social web social.

I can’t discuss all the details because I am still working on how i will work. Not sure if it will be hosted hear on WordPress (I hope it can be) or somewhere else. I want some sort of revenue sharing between what I hope will be 5-7 bloggers. The only problem with revenue sharing is that the blog isn’t making anything and probably won’t until at least a year and a half of blogging to get people interested.

Well, anyway, if you are interested, just leave your name on the comment section. Hopefully within the next3-4 months Social orb will b back on the scene with interviews, interesting Twitter profiles, reviews, pics, and more about the people on the web who make the web social.

Social orb is on FriendFeed as well as Twitter. There will be some updates starting in the new year on anything cool I find around the internet town.

October 20, 2009 - Posted by | Beginnings

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