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Yahoo! Answers – What are the best restaurants in lower Manhatten, i.e., Tribeca, Financial District, SOHO, Little Itally, etc?

Yahoo! Answers – What are the best restaurants in lower Manhattan, i.e., Tribeca, Financial District, SOHO, Little Itally, etc?

This got about 10 answers… about 10 months ago so I am pretty sure that you will not be able give any answer to the posed question.

The best chosen answer was given by TheSearcher who gave a list of places by area:

Tribeca… Nobu, Bouley, Chanterelle, Danube, Il Giglio

Financial Dist… Bayards, MarkJoseph Steak, Roys, 55 Wall, Bridge Cafe, Au Mandarin

Little Italy… Il Palazzo, Pellegrinos, Il Cortile, Nyonya, Angelos of Mulberry, Ferrara

Greenwich Village… Gothem Bar & Grill, Pearl Oyster Bar, Tomoe Sushi, Babbo, Il Mulino, Annise

All I can say is WOW. I think I’m gonna impress someone in the next few weeks with this list. The other comments are pretty good too and a few gave links like this: and

Yahoo Anwsers also shows more related questions that are currently open as wel as a few that are closed.

While your looking here are some other links that might be helpful:

Lower Manhattan

MTA Lower Manhattan train an bus map

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Yahoo! Answers – What are the most important lesson(s) that your parent(s) have taught you?

Yahoo! Answers – What are the most important lesson(s) that your parent(s) have taught you?

A featured Yahoo Answers question on its front page basically wants to know what is the most influencal thing taught to you by our parents. To be more specific:

I remember the little things that my parents have taught me…for example, my father taught me that the people around you can think what they like about you, as long as you have a good impression of yourself. He also taught me how to play many games like backgammon and how to paddle a kayak/canoe. My mother taught me that in baking the measurements have to be EXACT, or it won’t turn out properly. She also taught me that you have to try if you expect positive results.

I’ve learned a lot from my parents – what have you learned from yours?


To date you still have 2 days to give a response to her question. So far she has 139 posts on the subject. Zaku says, “They taught me that no matter what I do, where I go, or how I act, I always have a place at home and someone that loves me.” Mary O says, “My dad taught me that if you get knocked down get back up, he also said if you get thrown off get back on I rode in rodeo’s.
My mom taught me to cook, and I am a very good cook.”

There are comment rating on the site as well as other ways to rate and track the questions. There is no picked best answer from the author yet (not sure if one will be picked considering the question is so personal).

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Based on your own family’s experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?

Yahoo! Answers – Based on your own family’s experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?
Hillary Clinton wants to know what you think. More than 3000 people had some ideas and as usual with Social Orb, these comments are some of the most thoughtful funny and rediculous things ever written.

Nevertheless, Yahoo answers still remains one of the best respositories of knowledge online. I personally think only Wikipedia surpasses it. Slashdot and JoeUser are third and fourth respectively.

Well as many news pundits have said, anything with Hillary Clinton in it will draw up all kinds of thoughts, feelings and attidudes.

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Free The Planet of Terrorism

Yahoo Answers asks What should we do to free our planet from terrorism? The question was submitted by… you never guess who… Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Who is that? India’s (the country) President. Yes, the President of India has proposed this question to the web 2.0 community. So what is the answer?


YAHOO! ANSWERS staff notice: You can also view the President’s video here:… Register there to also win really cool prizes! Only Indian residents will be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be contacted on their yahoo email ids, so keep checking.

Its a little contest too. Go figure. There are some interesting answers on there from officials from India and other places. Batman also answers. Welcome to the social web.

Sit down, grab a cup of cofee or tea and have a read. There are some really long answers. Mine was a little short. If everyone feels they can achive more than they have, be successful and prosper, then terrorism pretty much ends. Notice people who have freedom, homes, jobs tend not to want war while those who feel limited and stuck tend to want to fight. Oppertunity and the pursuit of happiness. Give them what we all really want in life and all of a sudden, terrorist loose their ability to recruit.

Welcome to the social orb.

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