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YouTube – Mario: Game Over

YouTube – Mario: Game Over


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This is hilarious!!!! If you are into video games, grew up in the 80’s, into pop cultrue, or whatever…. this is funny. These guys chasing after mushrooms and then somehow getting “powers” seems a little tainted now, doesn’t it? LMAO.

On Digg recently, a article link was posted on Luigi… a Hollywood “True Story” type of video… who comes up with this stuff?

Luigi The E! True Hollywood Story

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Taking air guitar to higher levels – Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Guitar Hero the video game seems to be very poplar on Digg. Makes me want to head to IGN or some other gaming community site and see what is the real deal with the game.

Digg pick link quote:

Forget Guitar Hero — these guys are doing it for themselves. Turning the Wii controls into a guitar, that is, and it’s pretty awesome. Clearly, this guy doesn’t need no instructions to know how to rock.

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Canadian retail chain site warns that the 360 Elite may kill Sarah Connor

Interesting… a digger asked to be dugg down in comments ratings… and gets positive ratings instead. 108 (so far) positive ratings. The comments tend to be about how Future Shop and Best Buy are the same thing.

LOL and check out the guy who said “ew firefox. use Internet Explorer”! The responce: “That is like saying “White Power!” over and over, while walking in an all black neighborhood in your favorite big city.”

Digg link pick quote:

Future Shop is a Canadian national electronics chain exactly like Best Buy (though we have them, too). Looks like someone got bored in writing up the Xbox 360 Elite description on their site, as it contains a nod to a certain 1984 sci-fi movie starring a certain Governator. Beware if your Elite comes with greetings from Skynet.

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STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

STFUAJPG contest winners! :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

It would seem that the bloggers at Destructoid are very proud of the fact that after a year of being online, they get allot of comments (allot as in adverage 10 per post which is quite big in blogging terms).

The blog post is mainly about the contest they had and the winners but it went into just how many people commented on the blog post (over 200).

If your interested in rated R gaming blogs, you might want to check this one out.

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Penny Arcade Presents the PlayStation Store Experience

85 comments so far and 1400+ Diggs. The actual comic is pretty funny… not that funny, but funny. The comments are ok. Pretty normal for Digg. If your a gamer you will want to read the comments. You might pick something up or want to bring a topic up on the gaming boards.

Quote from digg link:

“Like some idiot alchemist they (Sony) are able to transform good news into bad news, or turn gleaming triumph into wretched defeat.”

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jonkenpon – 5 Ways to say “Be My Valentine” to a Geek » The Story of a Tokyo Web Startup

jonkenpon – The Story of a Tokyo Web Startup » Blog Archive » 5 Ways to say “Be My Valentine” to a Geek


That would work on me… hint hint. Then again, anything that has some relationship to what your relationship is about or something that they like will work. There are only 3 that would work for me here (more hints for anyone who cares, it has to do with cake… well 2 have to do with cake  or pie maybe LOL)

 D4V3 says: HTTPanties are sweet in principal, but only fat chicks wear granny panties. I hope they sell thongs. February 14th, 2007 at 4:03 p

 Jon says: oh come on that’s a little unfair!

ever been to a site called It’s a dating site just for geeks and there are LOTS of hwat!!1 ladies on there.

9 comments in total.

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NBA Street Homecourt: visit the hometown courts « PS3 News Info

NBA Street Homecourt: visit the hometown courts « PS3 News Info

The blogger reviews a game on the PS3 system. As it reads, it seems pretty interesting. The post has pictures and stuff too if your the “show me the money” type.

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Buying: Space Hulk at Binary Bonsai

Buying: Space Hulk at Binary Bonsai

I never heard of this game but it looks pretty cool. Plus, I absolutely love the colors of it. It’s so rich. Then again, maybe that is just the image…

Well whatever my point is, this game defiantly has some sort of appeal to it.

Learned about a few other sites on the subject of games (and board games for that matter considering the subject) including Space Crusade and

See how interaction can create a knowledge base? It the whole point of this blog. It is (I think) what not too many people focus on and that is how people interact with each other and even help each other out (sometimes for free). The people who vitis this blog site apparently are willing to help out. I love seeing that.

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More Vice City Stories chatter // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer

More Vice City Stories chatter // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer

Will Rockstar put Vice City Stories on the PS2? With Grad Theft Auto IV coming out in October, would putting an effert in taking the game from the PSP to the PS@ be worth while for them?

Logically to me, it makes sence to put the game on the PS2 before they put out GTA4. It would just be wierd if they put out a game that was ment to be before this story line but now its after…

Then again, money talks and time is money. If they don’t have time, then they won’t do it.

Some comments on the story: More Vice City Stories chatter



31-Jan-07 12:28:11

I’ll be officially this surprised if it appears on PS2




31-Jan-07 13:05:24

Oh cut the bull. It’s definitely coming to PS2.




01-Feb-07 09:37:07

I got this for the PSP, but ended up not caring after 10 or so hours because of control issues (and where is that lighter and more ergonomically correct PSP Lite?) I’m waiting for the PS2 version wich will come. Rockstar is not known to hate money. No, they loves it.

So between control issues and “cut the bull and put it on the PS2”,I haveto saythat most commenters agree with me.

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Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death

Radio station fires ten after Wii contest death – Nintendo Wii Fanboy

Looks like more drama for the radio station that did the contest. One of the commenter said:

They aren’t just fireing 10 people. They are shutting down the radio station. Which I think is stupid. Because some woman killed herself in a contest? It’s like the spilling the McDonald’s coffee case. It’s just someone being an idiot. But don’t get me wrong. I happily would have risked my life to get a Wii if I didn’t have one.Posted at 10:12AM on Jan 17th 2007 by Patrick

Not sure if that is true, but I disagree about it being her fault. Not many people think doing something like that can kill you. You enter a contest that they made (its not like buying a drink and spilling it on yourself) thinking its safe and you die because of it? Nooo… not even close to drinking a hot fluid and dropping it in your lap.

In another comments here – 12:36PM on Jan 17th 2007 by Jackson Pritt – basically sums up what I feel.

Over all, a very interesting comment thread.

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