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The Drama Of 09-f9-11-02-9d… blah blah blah!

Well GOT DARN IT!!! This must be the story of the year for Digg! Maybe even the biggest story its entire life being online.

Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

The story has so many diggs… I can’t even load the page to see what the people commenting on the link have to say. As I wrote previously on my social interaction reporting blog (self promotion plug), there were many article links and many more comments spreading the word on this code and what it does to HD DVD.

On a side note… I wonder if this event will make HD DVD more popular and because of it, ironically, push it past Blu-Ray permanently. (In case your wondering, HD-DVD and Blu Ray are 2 different media types that store way more data on what looks like a DVD or CD rom disk. Its enough to store high definition data and sound.)

This story got so big that Digg was shut down, which ironically is what happens to some sites that are featured on Digg, AND got so wide spread that even celebrity blogs posted the story.

I still don’t officially know the whole story. Does he master key unlock the HD-DVD to play everywhere and be copied? Apparently so. What happened to the person who posted the article? Apparently banned. (Although I can’t see anything that says he is banned… at least his account wasn’t deleted… he has some good diggs on there. Might feature him as a Featured User)

… there is a MySpace page for this?????

CNN Money did an interview with the CEO of Digg. Basically the question was why backtrack from originally deleting the links to now letting them be shown? Its a short article, but its interesting. (What is also interesting is the previous article Law professor: Forwarding emails can be illegal of which has nothing to do with this DVD thing… but it still interesting)

The people commenting on ICannaCheeseBurger got an eyefull of this too(86 comments so far). Some saying that they don’t understand what the heck is all the fuss while otherrs basically “came here to escape that!”.

Its practically a movement… and ecard? Ha ha ha… There is a Facebook group, and a Deviant Art signature. There is a Digg submitted article about  how the person who submitted this code got banned: How I got banned from Digg.

And it just keeps going. I suspect -t-shirts will be made of the code soon. If you go to Reddit right now, you will see the Reddit mascot burying parts of the number… freakin’ hilarious! Top story on Reddit right now?

Slashdot explains how America ended up with the DMCA.

With 228 points and 46 comments so far.

Digg seems quite right now. Almost 3 days later… then again, Digg doesn’t have a user message board so its a little hard to tell just how upset people are. Either way, i am sure this will come up again somehow in the next few months.

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Women gives birth, wakes up without arms or legs

True or False?

This must be the most dugg item on Digg that I have seen since I have been on Digg/ 10655 diggs, 380 comments… and what is more interesting is that this could be another Digg controversy of a item dugg up like this that exaggerated the story. She didn’t just wake up without limbs, she had be given the option to keep them and die or take them off and possibly live.

Here is the original Digg story quote below:

A young lady goes to the hospital to give birth and wakes up without arms or legs. The hospital refuses to explain why they left her as a multiple amputee. In a letter, they wrote that she would have to sue them to find out what happened. She can’t even carry her newborn child. Help bring attention and digg it up, please.

read more | digg story

Now here is the the same story, but with a better explanation:

The CORRECT story about the woman who lost her arms and legs

Now that got 4500+ diggs and around 140 comments… which begs the question… does diggers like drama more than news?

There is a difference when you go to Digg vs going to Slashdot or Netscape. I find Digg more entertaining, Slashdot more informative and Netscape… somewhere closer to entertaining than informative but its defiantly a middle child of Digg and Slashdot.

Well, its your call. Did she wake up with no limbs or was there more to the story?

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