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Evangelist Challenges Atheists to Bible-Less Debate

What? somebody brought up God and religion on Digg? You know this will mean plenty of discussion. And with a topic such as one that tries to challenge an atheist will definitely being out the cats and dogs.Just look at the ratio between how many people voted and how many people commented. Very unusual. he comments tend to be constructive and not to jokey. Top most positive voted comment by MrStabby… LOL

Digg pick link quote:
A prominent Christian best-selling author is asserting that he can prove the existence of God without using the Bible, and has challenged two atheists to a debate.

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Clouds and Drop Downs «

Clouds and Drop Downs «

A new feature has been added for us using social blog site. I also found out that there is a Tag Generator out there… I didn’t know that… or I forgot.

Anyway, the new feature is pretty cool. Now all I have to do is figure out how to redesign the site… it doesn’t seem to be clear cut to me just yet, but I didn’t really investigate it.

120+ comments on the blog post. Most thanks and congratulations.

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The Post-Game Scene In The Warriors’ Locker Room « Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

The Post-Game Scene In The Warriors’ Locker Room « Say Hey: A Bay Area Sports Blog

This is pretty funny. Makes you wonder what happens after a game in the losers locker room.36 comments so far including:

Mike White Says:
April 27th, 2007 at 2:52 pm

Hell, I would have mistook Sarunas with the towelboy. Why didn’t Thunder, the breakdancing mascot, get into this discussion?

Regardless, the Warriors have to be stoked about the series being 1-1 after two games in Dallas.

Couldn’t Baron Davis threaten the beard to shut up or he’ll shave it? Or does the playoff beard have the bargaining chip in that situation?

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60 Minutes Profiles “No Snitchin”…Update: Cam’ron Apologizes

60 Minutes Profiles “No Snitchin”…Update: Cam’ron Apologizes « HM

An incredible conversation is going on this blog about the whole Cam’Ron “Stop Snitching situation. Some in defence and some in outrage. I’m guessing this whole Don Imus thing really shook something in Hip Hop.

Stallion on Apr 23rd, 2007 said:

I would love to see more big stars in the black community take a stand against the no snitching policy instead of big stars in the black community take a stand for it.

Take a look at what KG on Apr 23rd, 2007  worte, as well as Thesis on Apr 23rd, 2007 and Sagittarius Black on Apr 23rd, 2007.

Join the debate… and while your at it, take a look at this. That blog got 98 comments on the topic of snitching.

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If you go to celebrity blogs, entertainment news site, and sites on child wellfare, you probably read something about this. Apparently a kid of 14 got into a concert, got on stage, and got felt up.

Worst, if there can be a worst, is that it was published on YouTube so that a few million others could see it all around the world. I wonder when she gets older will it be harder for her to get work? Employers are looking at the internet to find out who they are hiring. If stuff keeps getting posted on the internet at this rate, no one will be working.

The post on the blog link above got well over 300 comments. This blog post the actual video and pictures of the girl (who looks way older… or is at least dressed way older than she should be). at the club and then in normal clothes.

Most blame the girl, others blame the music, still some more blame Akon (the artist who held the humping contest).

Most intersting post:

Clearminded said:

Well, now see, I need more info. Did the girl have “14 year old” stamped across her forehead when she entered the club? She sure is dressed like a grown-ass woman, and she’s dropping it like it’s hot like a pro stripper. I mean this ain’t no R. Kelly situation where the dude was trolling inside a middle school.

And this is coming from someone who hates me some Akon and thought the whole humping thing was tasteless. However, that’s what goes on in many dancehalls.

It’s a interesting read… peoples opinions on this makes it more interesting.

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‘Stop Snitching’ video roundup « STR8 SHOTS

‘Stop Snitching’ video roundup « STR8 SHOTS

I always thought that snitching really had to do with the fact that your doing the same crime so why are you snitching on someone else? Turn yourself in if you think what he is doing is so bad cause your doing the same thing. Am I right? It like a mafia type thing or something.

At least that has some sort of moral code… a sort of code amongst thieves. It still might be corrupt but it follow some sort of logic.

Well… anyway, here is a blog with videos of the topic in question.

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Photo Matt » Plugin Authors Get No Love

Photo Matt » Plugin Authors Get No Love

Didn’t know so many people find this ture or even a topic of interest. 72+ comments for this blog post. It gets technical and very interesting… if you even care about plug in authors LOL

Tom Wright
12.04.2007 @ 4:56 pm

I think that the main difference between plugins and themes in this context is that plugins are more unique because they each add a new functionality.
Themes all do the same thing (display the blog), are often similar to some other theme and are often customised by the end user anyway.
So it’s easier to put a theme into the world than a plugin, and the theme author has more control than their plugin equivalent – which is why ads appear in free themes.

Makes you think h’uh?

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Hip-Hop Sgt. Pepper’s – The Cover Art « dkpresents…

Hip-Hop Sgt. Pepper’s – The Cover Art « dkpresents…

This is a WAY COOL cover for any album! It was featured on Worpress today and I am glad I clicked it. 12 comments so far. You got to take a look at this, even if you don’t like Hip Hop.

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YouTube – Rihanna – Umbrella NEW VIDEO!!!! (official)

YouTube – Rihanna – Umbrella NEW VIDEO!!!! (official)


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Newest video swiped off Rihanna’s Def Jam webpage (some people didn’t even edit out the Cover Girl commercial at the end… which I guess is good for Revlon) is hitting the web by storm. Its an off beat tune (imagine saying umbrella with a sort of flare and repeating the last syllable) that might take you some time to like if your into R and B with a dash of Hip Hop.
The comments on this video range from the related to the gossip to unrelated junk.

dancenow45 (1 day ago)

the video and song dont match but i still loved it



larsism (1 day ago)

that is an astounding video!
But wtf is it with her and releasing albums with half the songs being from the previously released album? Popping em out like twice a year too.



ZhanaR (1 day ago)

I love the song! Love the video images. Aazing! but for some reason she comes off as as a lil stiff n lackluster. Her dancing is very wooden to me. Her eyes always look dead in closeups like she’s bored. Her dancing,although slylized and well choreographed looks flat…she does not take it anywhere…she is not a fluid dancer or mover. there’s no Fire! Dont Attack this commentary as Rihanna hatin cause is taint. Constructive criticism is not the same as bashing.



neolistic (1 day ago)

Jay-Z’s lyrics are hype, “we Rocka Fella, we fly higher then weather” that explains it all right there. intuitive lyrics like always.


With over 200 comments, you can get a feel for what people really think about it. Overall, there is love. The Beyonce and Rihanna both being in love with Jay-Z saga continues though. I guess that will be something that is talked about (like Jay-Z love child…) with out fail for a long time.


Now there is a remix too (no official video though)

Rihanna is all over Youtube. I don’t see anything that says it is directly from her though. I wonder if they will put it up. Rihanna is like an internet sensation. I like to see how this will turn out into record sales.


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Nike Zoom Lebron 4 – Fruity Pebbles – | Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Nike Dunks Release history and release dates

Nike Zoom Lebron 4 – Fruity Pebbles – | Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, Nike Dunks Release history and release dates

You have go to see this! I think its a wierd idea… would you wear them?

If you go to Kick-Fiend, there is a post on these sneakers made for Lebron James. They are called Zoom Lebron 4 but they have a nick name (skeakers have nick names now… some of them) and that is Fruity Pebbles . Go to the site and see a box a cereal next to these sneakers and you will not see much of a difference except you can were these

I think I tried wearing cereal boxes when I was younger. Looks like someone else did it too and they are now working for NIKE.

The comments? LMAO (spelling errors not mine)



Comment by killa:
Made Wednesday, 14 of February , 2007 at 8:04 pm

You wouldn’t rock them? But I guess you would rock Bape or Greedy Genius! What’s the difference? All these ugly, bright shoes belong in the 80’s or on the feet of the young.

Comment by blaze:
Made Thursday, 15 of February , 2007 at 12:08 am




this makes me want to eatt



Comment by Caligula:
Made Thursday, 15 of February , 2007 at 1:05 am


Those joints there are hella ugly; I mean the other ones in the photo are FIRE!!, but them multi-colored kicks right there are plain homo.



Comment by E:
Made Thursday, 15 of February , 2007 at 11:45 pm


Those are hot. If they drop I will cop. As far as calling these “homo”, I bet you don’t need these to to show that side of yourself.

… and you know someone has to write in all CAPS



Comment by SHAMOR:
Made Thursday, 15 of February , 2007 at 7:47 am



The pictures are crazy too. There are a few of them on the site.

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