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107 year old women starts a blog

Well, now maybe my Mom will make a blog or help me with mine. 98 comments and 1034 diggs.

Quote from the digg link:

“My name is Olive Riley. I live in Australia near Sydney. I was born in Broken Hill on Oct. 20th 1899.Broken Hill is a mining town, far away in the centre of Australia. My Friend, Mike, has arranged this blog for me. He is doing the typing and I am telling the stories.”

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Web 2.0 – A Lucid Explanation

Sooooooooooooo what is Web 2.0? 9 comments so far and 40 digs (and yet somehow it is on the front page… )

Quote from the digg link:

Forget the hype, eKstreme summaries what Web 2.0 is and even why it is! The best explanation I’ve seen so far.

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10 New Ways to Make Money Online

Apparently there are plenty of diggers who didn’t like this link post. Many of the comment rated highest are comments against this post… but that doesn’t explain the 1800+ diggers who digged he story. In my opinion the story is correct and honest about starting your own business.

I think the story here is how is it that there are so many diggers who didn’t like the story link (even calling it spam… which is another subject all together) and yet the digg link have 1800+ diggers loving the article? Problem with dig or a misunderstanding on new legit job/business trends?

Anyway, here is a quote from the original link post:

So you want to ditch your corporate cubicle and join the ranks of web workers? But you have a mortgage, maybe a dependent or two, and a taste for Venti Mochas from Starbucks? You can make money in the new economy, though it might not be as easy or cushy as keeping your old economy job.

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jonkenpon – 5 Ways to say “Be My Valentine” to a Geek » The Story of a Tokyo Web Startup

jonkenpon – The Story of a Tokyo Web Startup » Blog Archive » 5 Ways to say “Be My Valentine” to a Geek


That would work on me… hint hint. Then again, anything that has some relationship to what your relationship is about or something that they like will work. There are only 3 that would work for me here (more hints for anyone who cares, it has to do with cake… well 2 have to do with cake  or pie maybe LOL)

 D4V3 says: HTTPanties are sweet in principal, but only fat chicks wear granny panties. I hope they sell thongs. February 14th, 2007 at 4:03 p

 Jon says: oh come on that’s a little unfair!

ever been to a site called It’s a dating site just for geeks and there are LOTS of hwat!!1 ladies on there.

9 comments in total.

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Mighty Magneto’s Blog – Different Types of Evil Villains

Mighty Magneto’s Blog

Now usually (in fact all the time) I post something that has more than 4 comments. So lets break that rule right now. this post has absolutely NO comments. For such an interesting blog, where are the comments?

I mean who doesn’t want to know the different types of villains? I never even thought about the idea of there being different types. For those who like anime, cartoons and comic books, I think this should interest you.

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digg trademark opposed by Lucasfilm

307 comments, 3643 diggs INCLUDING one of my digg buddies vaultspawnvaultspawn picked this one. Imagin half a day ago this link only had 172 commments and just over 1000+ diggs. My how time flies (did I use the proper spelling for ‘flies’?) Original quote text:

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the digg trademark is in opposition by Lucasfilm Entertainment Company. Will digg lose its Mark?

First comment reads:

That game was amazing.. I have been visiting this site all these years because I thought that I was playing the game….

I even wear a spacesuit and everything……

by troyDoogle7

That’s comedy right there. LOL 200 diggs on his comment. The biggest digg comment on this thread was this:

You mean this isn’t the dig??? I’ve been duped! All this time I thought I was bringing back a lost civilization!

by madaxe42

482 positive diggs onhis comment. Was it informtive? Nope. But it apparently hit a key nerve.

What I was looking for somewhere in this comment thread for this digg link is someone saying that such as the ccopywrite law is written, you have to defend it or risk loosing it.

I didn’t see it… maybe I missed it.

… there are some useful links WAY down past about 30 comments… Like for example, why not go after Disney for of which redirects to a disney related web page?

For more comedy:

Actually, now I think about it, LucasArts is perfectly correct.

Don’t you realise just how many people hear the name ‘digg’ and think “OMG that must be related to that obscure computer game from 1995 released by George Lucas. I’d better check it out!”


by djackmanson


meesa tink georgie great bossa. he give me jobba in movie even though mui mui people donna like me. –  by canewediggit

This is one of Digg’s classic selections full of snarkiness (as usual) and information… but mostly snarkiness.

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Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

Amazing, Strange And Unbelievable. Can You Figure This Out? Video

3 men pay 10 dollars each for a room. The room ends up costing 25 dollars. The bellhop is suppossed to give them back 5 dollars but nonly gives them 3 (its easier to split 3 dollars amost 3 people than 5, right? I mean 1.33333333 cents is hard to brake)

So, each man gets back a dollar.  So they paid 9 dollars each instead of 10 right? That’s 27 dollars. the Bellhop has 2 dollars, where is the other dollar?


149 comments so far, 380,000+ views and a rating of 3.94 for this video. Once you get past all the comments of people calling each other stupid, you might get the answer (hint: somewhere the math is done wrong. as a group the 3 men get the 3 dollars back so that is 28… where did 27 come from?) is the place that is sort of advertised in this video.

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Associated (with coverups) Press

Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Associated (with coverups) Press

More drama from the mama… I mean Hot It would seem that it was recent;y posted, but I am sure there will be more comments coming soon to this video-post.  I wonder how many posts this will get before theday is through? lets find out. I will return to this post to see how many posted and what they said in a day.

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Soooooo… you have been banned from YouTube? You video has been removed by the user even though your the user and you haven’t removed anything? Then you might wanna watch this video.

TrueTube already taken by the hordes of businesses who buy up URL’s to sell so you can’t make a YouTube that is “true”? LOL

Watch the video-post and read the comments (if you want to comment, you have to sign into the site) . The video is funny, the comments are informative… and hilarious.

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How Sysco came to monopolize most of what you eat. – By Ulrich Boser – Slate Magazine

How Sysco came to monopolize most of what you eat. – By Ulrich Boser – Slate Magazine

Wow! This is pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is this claim:

The ingredients alone on some of the pre-made items are enough to make a restaurant-goer swear off eating out. The breaded cheese chicken breast, for instance, contains monocalcium phosphates, sorbic acid preservatives, and oleoresin in turmeric. The Serve Smart Chicken is particularly frightening. While it looks natural, it consists of parts of other chicken breasts mashed together into a single, chicken-breastlike block. As the company notes on its Web site, our “unique 3-D technology gives you the look and texture of a solid muscle chicken breast, at a fraction of the cost. … Available in four great flavors: teriyaki, BBQ, fajita and original.” What Smart Chicken tastes like, I’d rather not know.

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that the comments on this blog post really got into it. I mean we all eat right? Well? Chicken breastlike block? LMAO

Editors Choice Comments:

jelpacDramatics vs Good Cooking

EllamentaDay for Elaboration

EigenvectorKilljoy at Thanksgiving

I still don’t quite understand how The Slate organizes its comments… but I’m trying.

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