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Google Suggests You Swim Across The Atlantic Ocean

5128 DIGGS SO FAR, 151 comments. That is pretty high. I think its because as huge as Digg is, it can really poke fun at itself. Look at how it provides this easter egg (I guess you could call it that) whe you ask direction on how to get from an American coast to London. Commenters give direct links to Google maps so you can see what all the fuss is about.

It would seem that Google maps is doing allot of things to get it on digg these days… hrmmm…

Google Goes Back to Pre-Katrina Maps (645 diggs so far, 104 comments)

EDIT: More news about this. Google gets criticized for the move 

Digg link pick quote:

Google, either encouraging physical fitness or zero population growth, offers the above helpful suggestion when mapping the route from Chicago to London.

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On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed!

On Global Warming: Follow the Money Indeed!


There are a number of very bright climatologists and meteorologists out there who believe that this century’s warming trend is neither critical nor man made. Now you can agree or disagree with these folks. But you can’t pretend that these folks are crazies or ill informed or just in it for the money.

Now you know people on the internet tend to fall toward stories about the environment, education, work, and anything tech related… well what we have here is a story on Netscape that basically has about 200+ comments either agreeing, disagreeing or just being snarky.

72 members in total responded and apparently intereacted with each other to have a collective 200+ comments.

You can learn allot about the subject by reading the comments. If your interested take a look.

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