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YouTube – Vote Different

YouTube – Vote Different


Look at these stats!!

Views: 2,698,833 | Comments: 5908 | Favorited: 3823 times

25 video honors and 6 response video.

Since we here at Social Orb focus on comments… we have to say, “Wow!” at the level of comments this video post made. Of course when politics comes up (and with THAT many posts) someone is going to call someone else’s mother “fat” and “ugly”. Other 3 and 4 letter words are used as well.

First comment – Rooktoven (2 weeks ago)


I’m with you guys all the way! Edwards in ’08!

Other comments:

sarahfdavis (2 weeks ago)

I don’t get it either. If you had a republican talking head it might make sense but Hillary? She’s hardly big brother! I don’t get all the Hillary bashiing at all. Same ol’ crap – an ambitious woman is deceitful and shrill. The same qualities in a man are admirable. Let the misogyny games begin!

marksis (2 weeks ago)

Hardly a parody… they used the ad footage directly and did a few tweaks here and there, such as replacing the audio track and altering the image (composting) on the big screen. I doubt the ad is in the public domain. Was this REALLY put out by their campaign? I doubt it. That would be a bad move to be sued for copyright infringement. I’m assuming a private individual prepared this altered video.

wageslave01 (1 hour ago)

Maybe you really need to think about the point i made, and when the day comes when you are praying to Allah 5 times a day, you will thank the librals i am shure…. As for the “ideology of the weak”, well they are the weak, they are to scared to offend anyone in anyway, and they go against a lot of what the Bible teaches, so it’s ok to offend the christians, but don’t do a thing to offend the muslims..

Not sure if anyone went into depth about the whole thing… and I am not going through 5000+ comments… at least not this time. If you wish to see whow the comments progressed, just head over to YouTube.

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Featured Comment RSS: Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

Muslim Woman Re-Translates Koran with Feminist View »

This is the first time I am posting about a featured comment RSS. I have had a few Featured Comment RSS articles, but I decided that whenever I add a new one from now on, I am going to make a corrisponding blob post about it.

The featured comment RSS comes from Netscape and the subject is Islam and women. As you may know, Islam is a hot topic these days for many reasons… so when a english speaking site or a mostly American user base gets their hands on a topic like this, it tends to get people to talk.

airglide says: “make the religion more friendly toward women.”

How does this really change anything? The premise of the koran is that in paradise the man has his harem. His wife on earth can compete for his favor with the other women. With the required circumcision of both genders, the woman gets to be a receptacle for a mans pleasure. It is still a mans religion.

…and the rebutal (well one anyway)

berbles  says, There are millions of single Muslim women that live on their own in America, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and the rest of Europe who maintain their devout beliefs based upon their own understanding of the Quran, obviously it is not strictly a “man’s” religion.

24 members battled it out with each other to make a grand total of 65 comments so far. Original story is here:

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Brave Mujahideen Warriors Use Children in Car Bomb

There is more to this digg link than meets the eye. You have a digg article link with 400+ diggs NOT make the front page. How did this happen when digg links with only 50 can reach the front page?

A fellow wordpress blogger has a idea:

His blog has received over 100 comments so far on the subject. The comments go everywhere from war to religion. I have no clue what LGB means (little green goofballs?)… nor moonbats. I’ll admit I didn’t look at this in depth. I wonder if this will become a big issue? I guess we will have to come back later.

Digg pick link quote:

There are no words. Iraq insurgents used children in car bombing. Insurgents in Iraq detonated an explosives-rigged vehicle with two children in the back seat after US soldiers let it through a Baghdad checkpoint over the weekend, a senior US military official…

read more | digg story

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Associated (with coverups) Press

Hot Air » Blog Archive » The Associated (with coverups) Press

More drama from the mama… I mean Hot It would seem that it was recent;y posted, but I am sure there will be more comments coming soon to this video-post.  I wonder how many posts this will get before theday is through? lets find out. I will return to this post to see how many posted and what they said in a day.

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Soooooo… you have been banned from YouTube? You video has been removed by the user even though your the user and you haven’t removed anything? Then you might wanna watch this video.

TrueTube already taken by the hordes of businesses who buy up URL’s to sell so you can’t make a YouTube that is “true”? LOL

Watch the video-post and read the comments (if you want to comment, you have to sign into the site) . The video is funny, the comments are informative… and hilarious.

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Free The Planet of Terrorism

Yahoo Answers asks What should we do to free our planet from terrorism? The question was submitted by… you never guess who… Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Who is that? India’s (the country) President. Yes, the President of India has proposed this question to the web 2.0 community. So what is the answer?


YAHOO! ANSWERS staff notice: You can also view the President’s video here:… Register there to also win really cool prizes! Only Indian residents will be eligible for the prizes. Winners will be contacted on their yahoo email ids, so keep checking.

Its a little contest too. Go figure. There are some interesting answers on there from officials from India and other places. Batman also answers. Welcome to the social web.

Sit down, grab a cup of cofee or tea and have a read. There are some really long answers. Mine was a little short. If everyone feels they can achive more than they have, be successful and prosper, then terrorism pretty much ends. Notice people who have freedom, homes, jobs tend not to want war while those who feel limited and stuck tend to want to fight. Oppertunity and the pursuit of happiness. Give them what we all really want in life and all of a sudden, terrorist loose their ability to recruit.

Welcome to the social orb.

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