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Nah Right » Remy Ma Wanted for Attempted Murder

Nah Right » Blog Archive » Remy Ma Wanted for Attempted Murder

Well over 400 comments on the subject of here involvement in the shooting and her turing herself in and being charged with attempted murder.

With rap hitting an all time low in music sales, and many rappers using street cred to boost sales, I think this comment is the best out of the 400+ posted:

  1. blieve Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 12:49 pm Damn I guess its time for Remy to drop an album now

That says allot.


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Kiss Her! « Random Vandal

Kiss Her! « Random Vandal

Here is a blog post that has been featured on and of the main page of WordPress for the past week or so. Why? I think it is because it reaches a part of everybody who ever liked someone but just never took the chance for whatever reasons.

The person on the blog thinks a women wrote it. I personally think a man did. Since men in our society tend to be the ones putting the first foot forward on the subject of going out while women tend to be the ones who give either a yes or no.

As far as same gender is conserned, this is not a male asking a male. So if this is a female thinking about another female, I would tend to believe that the female wouldn’t have the hang ups a male would in asking out someone.

There are over 130+ comments on the article. Here are some of the comments posted: Continue reading

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YouTube – Mario: Game Over

YouTube – Mario: Game Over


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Honors: 43 Links: 5 Responses: 14

This is hilarious!!!! If you are into video games, grew up in the 80’s, into pop cultrue, or whatever…. this is funny. These guys chasing after mushrooms and then somehow getting “powers” seems a little tainted now, doesn’t it? LMAO.

On Digg recently, a article link was posted on Luigi… a Hollywood “True Story” type of video… who comes up with this stuff?

Luigi The E! True Hollywood Story

  Continue reading

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Major Mistakes Women Make In Bed

Digg made history today… I actually saw women post more than once in the comment area! Na, just kidding ya. This little article brought out the battle of the sexes in the comments. The first 2 comments (or I should say the ‘digg reply’ (more on the Digg Reply later…) basically goes at each other. We haven’t even got to the other 200+ posts!!!

Digg link pick quote:

Is your man starting to get bored with your bedside manner? Are you willing to make some change in order to keep the fires burning? Well, it’s time you started facing the truth about your sexual prowess and began making improvements, by avoiding the following.

read more | digg story

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Sandra Rose: Photo of the Day: Monica and Rock

Sandra Rose: Photo of the Day: Monica and Rock

With stories about them breaking up… for example here: SPLITSVILLE: Monica+Rodney Hill ( Fabulous Comments (74) )

… you think they all broke up and stuff… they not? Whaaa???? Who cares you say? Hey isn’t this blog about what is going on with the people who interact with the social web? Well, celebrity blogs have a strong following and even stronger loyal commenters. Allot tends to be childish and IN ALL CAPS or commenters WrItE lIkE tHiS… but there are some very insightful and educational comments…. and the rest are just HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!

danni said…
LOL some of u really have NO LIVES
Apr 30, 2007 12:53:00 PM

Anyway, back to the topic of the focused blog post, here are some comments.

Ms. Libra said…
thanx for posting this, so you could shut up the other websites posting breakup rumors, it seem that when something is goin good, especially for black ppl, folks look for things to be wrong. Go ahead monica, i love you, always have, always will and i wish you and your fmily the best
Apr 30, 2007 9:39:00 AM

And somehow the comments got into how Monica dresses her kids…

Bird said…
I don’t know what I think about a blog that removes comments the moderator disagrees with. Should we get on here and ride Monica’s jock? She publically makes bad decisions on the regular. She puts her son out there for scrutiny in that ridiculous clothing posing like a rough neck, dates married murderers (C-Murder) and suicidal thugs and jobless strip club dwellers. I know the music industry would have to you to think all black people are down with criminal/ghetto culture, but as comments across many blogs would suggest, that is not the case. I thought she would outgrow this madness soon enough, but she appears to have some kind of mental block when it comes to behaving like a grown ass woman.
Apr 30, 2007 12:17:00 PM
topshelf77 said…
jorhas”however none of the Sean John and Roc’have kid models modeling their clothing in such a fashion.”

In what such a fashion do other 2 year old models/kids wear Sean John and Rocawear exactly?

Apr 30, 2007 11:53:00 AM
jorhas said…
Sandra, why did you remove the comments regarding the way Monica dresses her son in his thug attire? Readers were just stating the truth? Nothing negative was being said about her child – who is beyond precious and undoubtedly favoured by God and supported by many :-)…the child is innocent in the matter. Responses were to the childs’ parents in portraying their son and dressing him to look like a lil’ gangstar. Then she states that she is supporting our black designers, however none of the Sean John and Roc’have kid models modeling their clothing in such a fashion. Monica no one is hating, simply stating a fact that in many of your childs pictures that you have shared with the world, you dress your child to look like a thug. But honey, to each his own..peace.
Apr 30, 2007 10:31:00 AM
scooper said…
monica is an awesome woman, PERIOD. and love is beautiful. as far as her son’s attire goes, she may dress her son as she feels. i know a lot of young black men on honor roll in high school, college students that do very well, and even a principal of an engineering firm who dresses this way and none of them are thugs and never have been. it’s sad that people look at your attire to judge your character. i guess when i show my legs and little cleavage, i’m seen as a whore although i have 2 degrees, volunteer in my community, have a ruthless investment portfolio, make my own money, and am married. some people…(shaking head)
Apr 30, 2007 11:28:00 AM

That last comment is interesting… but so are the others. While the rumor of her breaking up with him due to bad boyfriend-ing oon Rock’s part seems to pale in comparison to a kid being dressed up in what you would see an adult wearing… or more to the point, a urban youth wearing… or even MORE to the point someone who is into Hip Hop culture… or even more extremely to the point thugged out. (Why did WordPress spell check want to turn “thugged” into “hugged”? LOL. There is a hidden message in there. Don’t we all need a hug?)

I can imagine that this will come up later somehow.

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emildew of Digg Says: This procedure is done in less than 1% of 1% of all abortions

emildew by emildew 7 hours ago

On Digg: BREAKING: Supreme Court Backs Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Procedure!!!

Featured Comment:

This procedure is done in less than 1% of 1% of all abortions. The only reason someone would have this done is to save the mother’s life (ie: she will actually DIE if she tries to continue the pregnancy) or because the life of the fetus would be so greatly affected by a birth defect of some kind that this is mercy. I’m talking about the kind of thing where the baby, if born, wouldn’t last an hour, or a day. Horrible deformities.

This is not a “method of birth control”. Doctors so rarely perform this procedure because it is hell on the mother, both mentally and physically.

“the woman didn’t want to deal with a kid.”

How many children have you adopted? It isn’t just “dealing with a kid”. There are physical ramifications, and financial ones, and mental ones. I know women who I would really prefer not be mothers, and I know women who would die if they were to get pregnant and try to carry the baby to term.

Walk in someone else’s shoes, and don’t judge what you don’t know.

It got 100 positive comment votes.

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BREAKING: Supreme Court Backs Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Procedure!!!

Well this was the most under reported event due to the VT Massacre. Never the less it didn’t stop Digg and other sites to bring it up. And boy did they talk about what this means. 600+ comments on this item. Considering that there are only 1300+ votes on something that has 600+ comments, you know right away there was a debate going on in the comment section.

Digg link pick quote :

The Supreme Court upheld the nationwide ban on a controversial abortion procedure Wednesday. The 5-4 ruling said the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law in 2003 does not violate a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion.

read more | digg story

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Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Well, this is a new place for me to visit and read what other people think about a specific subject. Never really been to the Washington Post for anything and BAM… this article comes my way from a related link on a Yahoo article about Britney Spears’ settlement with the K-Fed. Apparently on the heals of Britney Spears settling divorce with husband Federline, she will be doing a new reality show. The idea; find a new personal assistant to be on her team of which will also include helping her with her comeback.

Will Timbaland (music producer who has said he wanted to help her a few weeks ago get her back on track musically) help in this reality show? Heck, why another reality show? I say, its a good time to sit down, take a break, and write a personal letter (album) not for sales but to re-introduce yourself.

But before that… get on some remixes and put out a street album for the fans (and everyone else watching/listening).

Well… Enough about what I think… there are over 20 comments (some are spam comments…) on the post.

Posted by: renselaas:Liz, I’d play it as straight as possible and give her sound advice. She’s such a train wreck that she’ll ignore 3/4 of whatever you say, and that’s what will make it “good TV.”

As for that sound advice… I’d start with what all of our grandmothers told us about wearing good panties whenever we leave the house.


Posted by: Lisa: Liz, Play it straight this poor girl needs some help. Some issues to be raised in you audition letter:

-Accept that fact that your life has changed: You’re not 21 yr. old single pop star with lots of money and time, but 26 yr. pop star, single mom with two kids to support. California and Louisiana do have Child Protection Laws which they are very happy to enforce.

-The career life of pop star is limited: Your fans do grow up and move on, and a new generation of teenagers doesn’t want anything to do with you (i.e. Janet Jackson).

-Do you really want to end up like Anna Nicole Smith?

Posted by: byoolin: Isn’t it obvious? Bring back K-Fed.


There are some more interesting thoughts that may actually work. The comments are currently closed so your just gonna have to post your ideas somewhere else I guess. I can’t imagine where you could post comments about this subject…
I made a Digg link for it… Looks like there is one already: Britney Spears to star in new reality series from Celebritygasm (what a name LOL). So I’ll just digg that. (although its not about the blogger actually trying out for the show nor does it give the link the want ad on Criagslist).

While submitting (and seeing all the duplicates) I also found this tidbit: Kevin Federline To Make A Reality Show For MTV

Im gonna try something right now… and see what happens. More on this in part Two.

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Ray J Sex Tape « HM

Ray J Sex Tape « HM

So this could be considered ‘old news’ since it was posted a few days ago online. What amazed me about it is that not many people commented on the subject. Usually you end up with over 100+ comments on something like this, but on this blog (which has some popularity) and others, it would seem all the subject could muster was about 30 comments. On Hip and Pop (KIM KARDASHIAN & RAY-J ARE HERE!!!!)  the blog post gets 32 (and a few days ago it had way less). I think the only reason that is so is because it still remains on the front pag, so people are going to the post.

Maybe people are too busy going to the video links? I found one place with 121 comments though… Lots of anonymous posts.

Most interesting comment:

Anonymous said…
how can you you make a sex tape without a condom. I don’t care how much money celebrities have when you get aids you can’t spend it.
Ray J. actually turned me off even more.

Will this mean that people will like Ray-J more now? Does anyone care? What does brandy think of this? (How come no one asked her? I would think that would be an obvious place to go). Are we just “sex taped out”?

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Can’t Rape The Willing? 17y/o Gets Off – His Teacher, Not So lucky

LOL The comments on this one are mostly funny, but there are a few people who wonder just how unconsenting the young boy (man?) was. One commenter posed a question that if a 13 year old can be convicted of murder (and obviously sentenced as an adult), how is he not able to know that this was wrong?

My conclsion is that this was his teacher and could have influenced him to doing it. If she was just some woman he met somewhere things might be different. She should of course be fired but be charged with assalt? LMAO The comments on the blog the digg link goes to is also a good read for some interesting comments.

Digg link pick quote:

A Tacoma judge ignored a plea bargain and sentenced a former female teacher to six months in jail for giving a blow job to a 17-year-old male student in April, 2006.

read more | digg story

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