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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Now I would usually delete such things but I think since this is a blog on how people interact with people on social sites… wait, if I put it that way I should delete this becaue this is an installation post.Ah well. Just call me a person who likes to be able to look back and say, “awwww… this is where it all began.”

Need a sample or 2 of what I will focus on? Here is one.

Story: 3000+ Favorites, 2000+ comments and over 1 Million Views

Most interesting comments:


Abyss1nian (17 hours ago)

Jesus? Is that you? Where the devil have you been!?




TXrepresent (18 hours ago)

pretty gay




Sipplio (19 hours ago)

how do u do that?




jacobcs (20 hours ago)

he looks a lot like jesus yes..



paul177989 (23 hours ago)

dosnt he kinda look sorta like jesus…


And then somewhere I may or may not have my own comments to share.

This site also reviews blogs and does its bets to get the word out on peoples work online. I mean sometimes don’t you just want a pat on the back and someone saying, “Good work young man (or women… or ole bean in case your just a little older than a young adult)”?So welcome to my blog about social websites and the people on them. I think many people who browse and interact on these sites know things can get pretty intense, funny, and can be fairly enlightening.

And look, I have a comment already! What a nice blog!


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