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 Well, if you didn’t get enough news about Paris Hilton, here is some comedy the break up the drama that is Paris Hilton. Here are some of the comments:

IveGotaTheory (2 minutes ago)

She’s a way better singer than Paris Hilton

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YouTube – Fall Out Boy – Thnks fr th Mmrs

YouTube – Fall Out Boy – Thnks fr th Mmrs

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Ok, I decided to start including stuff on the net that is most linked to. Its not the most comment interaction, but it still has some merrit as people are still reacting to the material in some fashion. I probably won’t do this oftenand when I do it will be based on YouTube and Technoroti.

At any rate, here are the stats:

1537637 clicks from…

483825 clicks from…

320930 clicks from

39461 clicks from

23622 clicks from…

The MySpace links are not a surprise since there are many articles on  how MySpace and YouTube are sort of connected at the hip when it comes to linking to each other. Probably the big reason MySpace is trying to get its foothold on the video scape by having its own video “utube”.

Here are some other “Most Linked To” on YouTube (notice that most are music videos… ha:


Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

GYM CLASS HEROES: Cupid’s Chokehold / Breakfast in America

Fergie – Glamorous: Closed Captioned

Oh and to not totally ignore the… very interesting… comment on the video, here are some clips:

tHeKiLlErSrOcKmYsOx8 (44 minutes ago)

dude…thats not a bear…its a babboon 😀

liam898 (16 hours ago)

This band has to have some connection with NOKIA. you see the same nokia phone at 00.24, 01.47 and 02.08. This isn’t a music video, its a COMMERCIAL! And if you look at their ‘video’ for ‘This aint a scene…” it has even more shots of the phone!



HeatFly (2 hours ago)

HE tastes like you, only sweeter?? wdf. why HE?


Pure comedy…. He tastes like you???? LMAO Game over man, game over.

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YouTube – Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

YouTube – Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend

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From RCARecords


This video was put on-line 2 months ago… considering the fact that other videos that have been the most discussed video on YouTube was on the site for 5 months or more (except Midnight Express truth revealed by Alinur Part-1 which is quite an interesting video…  on YouTube for 3 months… also Beatboxing flute inspector gadget remix which is soooo LMAO), this is an extremely successful video.

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SuperMoviesDownload: The YouTube Virus

800 Diggs and 55 comments. 21 comments on the linked blog article about faking out YouTube. This was one of the top ten Digged article links. So what’s the deal? It would seem that you can easily get your videos to the most viewed section by setting your browser to auto-refresh. It makes you wonder if YouTube will work. Why? because not only does the auto refresh thing works, the person benefiting from it uses other peoples work CLEARLY on the video while doing it.

Sexual Suggestions Aired On Children’s TV Show

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Originally from ebumsWorld???? LOL Dude, at least take out where it came from originally! Its still stealing but dang… they are being really open about it. Continue reading

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Frozen In TIME: Digg Top 10

A frozen in time moment on Digg showing the top ten as it currently stands:


Trent Reznor: “No wonder people steal music.”


John Travolta is trying to prevent you from watching a BBC show


Marijuana does NOT cause cancer

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YouTube – Mario: Game Over

YouTube – Mario: Game Over


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This is hilarious!!!! If you are into video games, grew up in the 80’s, into pop cultrue, or whatever…. this is funny. These guys chasing after mushrooms and then somehow getting “powers” seems a little tainted now, doesn’t it? LMAO.

On Digg recently, a article link was posted on Luigi… a Hollywood “True Story” type of video… who comes up with this stuff?

Luigi The E! True Hollywood Story

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YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

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Can you even conceive of having 3000+ comments on  video? That’s ridiculous.

If your a comic book fan and got to any of these movies in general, you are going to laugh you buttocks off. Heck, because of this video, i didn’t even KNOW that many movies from Marvel characters were actually coming out. I know about a remake of the Hulk from the other remake of the Hulk that bombed and Iron Man, but Magneto and Wolverine?

And everybody loves Bat-Man LMAO

And with comments like this:

thawk721 (14 minutes ago)

By October 13th of this year, four fifths of mankind will be dead from nuclear war, famine, disease, and other consequences of the breaking of Yahweh’s Laws (STDs, GM crops . . .). You can survive. We can show you how.

How can you loose the battle of most commented video on YouTube?

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YouTube – Rihanna – Umbrella NEW VIDEO!!!! (official)

YouTube – Rihanna – Umbrella NEW VIDEO!!!! (official)


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Newest video swiped off Rihanna’s Def Jam webpage (some people didn’t even edit out the Cover Girl commercial at the end… which I guess is good for Revlon) is hitting the web by storm. Its an off beat tune (imagine saying umbrella with a sort of flare and repeating the last syllable) that might take you some time to like if your into R and B with a dash of Hip Hop.
The comments on this video range from the related to the gossip to unrelated junk.

dancenow45 (1 day ago)

the video and song dont match but i still loved it



larsism (1 day ago)

that is an astounding video!
But wtf is it with her and releasing albums with half the songs being from the previously released album? Popping em out like twice a year too.



ZhanaR (1 day ago)

I love the song! Love the video images. Aazing! but for some reason she comes off as as a lil stiff n lackluster. Her dancing is very wooden to me. Her eyes always look dead in closeups like she’s bored. Her dancing,although slylized and well choreographed looks flat…she does not take it anywhere…she is not a fluid dancer or mover. there’s no Fire! Dont Attack this commentary as Rihanna hatin cause is taint. Constructive criticism is not the same as bashing.



neolistic (1 day ago)

Jay-Z’s lyrics are hype, “we Rocka Fella, we fly higher then weather” that explains it all right there. intuitive lyrics like always.


With over 200 comments, you can get a feel for what people really think about it. Overall, there is love. The Beyonce and Rihanna both being in love with Jay-Z saga continues though. I guess that will be something that is talked about (like Jay-Z love child…) with out fail for a long time.


Now there is a remix too (no official video though)

Rihanna is all over Youtube. I don’t see anything that says it is directly from her though. I wonder if they will put it up. Rihanna is like an internet sensation. I like to see how this will turn out into record sales.


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YouTube – Vote Different

YouTube – Vote Different


Look at these stats!!

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25 video honors and 6 response video.

Since we here at Social Orb focus on comments… we have to say, “Wow!” at the level of comments this video post made. Of course when politics comes up (and with THAT many posts) someone is going to call someone else’s mother “fat” and “ugly”. Other 3 and 4 letter words are used as well.

First comment – Rooktoven (2 weeks ago)


I’m with you guys all the way! Edwards in ’08!

Other comments:

sarahfdavis (2 weeks ago)

I don’t get it either. If you had a republican talking head it might make sense but Hillary? She’s hardly big brother! I don’t get all the Hillary bashiing at all. Same ol’ crap – an ambitious woman is deceitful and shrill. The same qualities in a man are admirable. Let the misogyny games begin!

marksis (2 weeks ago)

Hardly a parody… they used the ad footage directly and did a few tweaks here and there, such as replacing the audio track and altering the image (composting) on the big screen. I doubt the ad is in the public domain. Was this REALLY put out by their campaign? I doubt it. That would be a bad move to be sued for copyright infringement. I’m assuming a private individual prepared this altered video.

wageslave01 (1 hour ago)

Maybe you really need to think about the point i made, and when the day comes when you are praying to Allah 5 times a day, you will thank the librals i am shure…. As for the “ideology of the weak”, well they are the weak, they are to scared to offend anyone in anyway, and they go against a lot of what the Bible teaches, so it’s ok to offend the christians, but don’t do a thing to offend the muslims..

Not sure if anyone went into depth about the whole thing… and I am not going through 5000+ comments… at least not this time. If you wish to see whow the comments progressed, just head over to YouTube.

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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Banned by YouTube III

Soooooo… you have been banned from YouTube? You video has been removed by the user even though your the user and you haven’t removed anything? Then you might wanna watch this video.

TrueTube already taken by the hordes of businesses who buy up URL’s to sell so you can’t make a YouTube that is “true”? LOL

Watch the video-post and read the comments (if you want to comment, you have to sign into the site) . The video is funny, the comments are informative… and hilarious.

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