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YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

YouTube – Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

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Can you even conceive of having 3000+ comments on  video? That’s ridiculous.

If your a comic book fan and got to any of these movies in general, you are going to laugh you buttocks off. Heck, because of this video, i didn’t even KNOW that many movies from Marvel characters were actually coming out. I know about a remake of the Hulk from the other remake of the Hulk that bombed and Iron Man, but Magneto and Wolverine?

And everybody loves Bat-Man LMAO

And with comments like this:

thawk721 (14 minutes ago)

By October 13th of this year, four fifths of mankind will be dead from nuclear war, famine, disease, and other consequences of the breaking of Yahweh’s Laws (STDs, GM crops . . .). You can survive. We can show you how.

How can you loose the battle of most commented video on YouTube?

Other comments:

seanlacerda (20 minutes ago)

Superman Returns : SUCKED (and I´m a Superman/Smallville FAN) – when will there be a descent villain?
Spiderman 3: AWESOME!!!
Batman: AWESOME!!


ParticleFX (21 minutes ago)

i agree with the x-men comment up to x-men 2. the third one was mighty boring/stupid.

Thee are some real opinions in the comments. I am sure you will agree or disagree with most if your into comic books, culture and have some kids.


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  1. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Celia | October 21, 2008 | Reply

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