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Nah Right » Remy Ma Wanted for Attempted Murder

Nah Right » Blog Archive » Remy Ma Wanted for Attempted Murder

Well over 400 comments on the subject of here involvement in the shooting and her turing herself in and being charged with attempted murder.

With rap hitting an all time low in music sales, and many rappers using street cred to boost sales, I think this comment is the best out of the 400+ posted:

  1. blieve Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 12:49 pm Damn I guess its time for Remy to drop an album now

That says allot.


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The year’s ten best rap albums so far

The year’s ten best rap albums so far has come up with an apparently controversial list of the best 10 rap albums for 2007. Plently of people had something to say about the list:

Posted by: dameSTAtus | Jul 6, 2007 3:28:51 PM

Pretty crap year, I agree. Not only did I only buy one cd on that list, but it’s the only one I listen to. I did cop the newish High Priest disc, which is pretty good spliff music, but it’s probably too weird/backpacky for most of you.

Well over 4+ comments on the issue. If your interested check it out and make some noise in the comments.

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Nah Right » Blog Archive » Busta = Definitely Going to Prison

Nah Right » Blog Archive » Busta = Definitely Going to Prison

852 Responses!!!

There are allot of “well wishers” when it comes to music artist Busta Rhymes current court cases. Apparently many feel that there is no way he is going to get off mostly because he was caught red handed in  some of the crimes that they are trying to convict him for.

Feel free to express your opinion on the trils and tribulations of being Busta on Na Right’s blog.

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Featured Comment: by Pookie Pookie Mills on 07/05/07

The Place:

Nike Zoom Kobe III Black-Maize First Look

Pookie Pookie Mills on July 5 2007

yo, liberace… u iz wack. U dint hav 2 wayst yo tyme rightin a damn term paypa bout how deez kikz make yo ballz feel. u smell?

u coulda jus sayd:

deez kikz dun sit ryte wit mah left nut or my ryte nut.

wii wuda undersmelled yo ass if u diz dat. but watevaz. deez kikz iz not swole. wudint even pik up mah sidekik if deez kikz wur callin me… u smell? aight, rememberz, neva foget da storii bout da love nd hate ringz. i’m out. ONE!!!

WTF? Continue reading

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Woman tries to buy all of the iPhones at a store and gets owned.

Hilarious… 546 comments. Now that is allot of people really getting worked up about this women wanting to profit off of people by selling the iPhone on eBay

Digg Link Pick Quote:
This woman brought $16,000 to try and buy all of the iPhones at a store in Dallas to sell them on eBay. She pays a guy $800 for his first spot in line. Once the AT&T store opens, she is told there is a limit to how many she can get! The guy walks away with free iPhone.

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If You Like “300,” Are You Gay? The Issue of Homoeroticism in Heroic Films

Dude, does this mean I’m gay? If this is the case, I’m going to need a new wardrobe and start listening to techno. While there are only 5 comments, I am sure since this just made it to the front page that there will be more comments.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
It’s no surprise that the most serious and ambitious surf movies convey a traditional and heroic ethos. And it’s probably no surprise that they sometimes share a peculiar fate with other films that offer idealized portraits of heroic masculinity, such as this year’s 300
—the tendency to have clueless film critics misread them as “homoerotic.”

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50 Cent busted lip syncing

LMAO!!!! 227 comments.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
RAPPER 50 Cent has suffered an embarrassing blow at the BET awards, when he was caught lip synching live on stage, watched by millions of people.
Entertainment site report that 50 Cent was caught out from the beginning of his performance, after being ceremoniously lowered onto stage on a podium.

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The Woolly Mammoth can now be cloned but should we?

Tis is very interesting. I love the fact that someone recognized that people interact in the comment… but not so sure about the idea of cloning a Woolly Mammoth. 481 comments for a story that has 1337 (isn’t that backwards for leet?) votes.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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How-to-Develop Digger Integrity : 10 DIGGER COMMANDMENTS

Well now isn’t this interesting… 88 comments so far.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
If you want to be a quality digger and are seriously interested in understanding the secrets behind the mysterious digg algorithm, this guide will help you develop your integrity and your intuition. 10 DIGGER COMMANDMENTS – Tips for learning how to digg it!

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New Transformers Series Coming to Cartoon Network

New Transformers Series Coming to Cartoon Network

If the image of what the show is going to look like actually true (the image is on the right in the article), then I don’t think it will be that great. It will be on the Cartoon Network and of course Hasbro will be on the team.

Now, there are actually NO COMMENT on this blog about this. I am actually shocked that no one has said anything directly on the blog especially considering that Transformers will be coming out next week (and that most people on Digg are tech geeks… yeah, this blog post was featured on Digg just a few minutes ago) .

Well there are comments on Digg about this. 31 comments currently… which is kinda low considering the topic…

My favorite comment so far was made by Gotar:

Loonatics anyone?

LOL!!! If anybody remembers the Loonatics (a futuristic version of Bugs Bunny and crew), it was not that good (but at the same time it was… which is kind of odd). Let hope that the new new NEW Transformers (Generation… what are they u to now… 10?) does better than that. And lets hope that they keep the transforming sound… because if they don’t

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