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BREAKING – Bush to transfer power to Cheney temporarily

Once again, Digg commenters have made me laugh with its insane one-liners (mixed in with some very detailed points that admittedly are educational in some respects). If you don’t like President Bush too much, (which seems to be many Americans at this point), then you might find it funny that he is going to the doctor to get stuff removed from his colon…. hence the comments:
“I put $5 on them finding Osama and WMD up there.” by Absinthminded64
“Yea, I heard those aren’t fun. Maybe they should remove the Republican Senators from his ass while they are at it.” by qsqueeq
“Finger in Bush’s butt = At least a small amount of justice in this world still exists.” by TurtleBeoulve
“Maybe while they’re up there, they will find his head.” by griz

But the all time funniest and to the point comments are:
1) “So does this make Dick Cheney part of the Executive Branch yet?” by NatrlSelection (565 positive comment diggs)
— If you remember, Dick Cheney thought that he didn’t have to send stuff to the National Archive because he is not really part of the Executive Branch… so for those who know this, I am sure you find it most interesting that he will be acting president during this time —

2) “Let’s hope how long it takes to nuke Iran < how long it takes to get a colonoscopy” by bimtott (264 positive comment diggs)

Just high brow (and incredibly low brow) comedy going on in this thread. You must, I say MUST check it out.

Digg Link Pick Quote:
WASHINGTON – President Bush will have a routine colonoscopy on Saturday at his mountaintop retreat at Camp David, Md, his spokesman says.

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