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Featured Comment: by Pookie Pookie Mills on 07/05/07

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Nike Zoom Kobe III Black-Maize First Look

Pookie Pookie Mills on July 5 2007

yo, liberace… u iz wack. U dint hav 2 wayst yo tyme rightin a damn term paypa bout how deez kikz make yo ballz feel. u smell?

u coulda jus sayd:

deez kikz dun sit ryte wit mah left nut or my ryte nut.

wii wuda undersmelled yo ass if u diz dat. but watevaz. deez kikz iz not swole. wudint even pik up mah sidekik if deez kikz wur callin me… u smell? aight, rememberz, neva foget da storii bout da love nd hate ringz. i’m out. ONE!!!


This has got to be one of the funniest comment I have read ANYWHERE so far. To translate the funniest area of which is this: “deez kikz dun sit ryte wit mah left nut or my ryte nut. to some sort of English of which is this: “These kicks just don’t sit right with neither my left or right nut.”

This right here is a classic comment and goes to show that you can really be creative (or really be a nuckle head) when writing.

By the way, this comment was a response to liberace right here.


July 8, 2007 - Posted by | Fashion, Featured Comment, Lifestyle, Opinion

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