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20-1 Odds that Someone Will Get Trampled Trying to get an iPhone

While only 33 people commented on this piticular story so far (which i sort of weird because it has to do with tech and Apple Computers), I think its one of the funniest things on the front page of Digg as of right now. If you guys recall what happened with the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation, there was some people who got hurt (and shot at) during the first day of sales. But that was for a family gaming system… I’m not too sure about a phone that basically caters to upper mid class. Plus, the US isn’t as into tech heavy phones like Asia and Europe… I guess we will see on the 29 of June.

While the highest rated comment so far has 20 votes, the best one comes from ThinkBox: iPhone spontaneously combusts—150/1.Someone wanna find out if they are Sony batteries? this bet could put my kids through college!

Funny… but true?

Digg Pick Link Quote:
In fact, figures the odds are 20-1 that someone will get trampled while scrambling to snag one June 29. The site has also put odds on how long the batteries will last and whether the devices will be recalled.

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