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 Well, if you didn’t get enough news about Paris Hilton, here is some comedy the break up the drama that is Paris Hilton. Here are some of the comments:

IveGotaTheory (2 minutes ago)

She’s a way better singer than Paris Hilton

Phantom1827 (11 minutes ago)

wait….the real paris is watching this and is looking up the word refined. lol. oh, wait my bad, shes getting her dad to look it up.


jameson627 (1 hour ago)

they say that there is justice in america. Not at all, if it was a black guy(I’m not racist) with no money who did the same thing he would be put in jail for at least 3 months I think, and isn’t this the 3rd offence? Justice my ass!



djreid420 (1 hour ago)

I love (I’m not racist)in parenthesis.

hotmatsexy (1 hour ago)

I love you PARIS, and they are so stupid cause you only got a couple of more days to do, so I hope you will be just fine, im so sad that your in there, this video really sucks, that fat bitch could never play Paris Hilton,!! You guys are so stupid she got to get OUT OF JAIL DUMB ASS`S, so get ready to hate her some MORE!!! BITCH`S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hallush (2 days ago)

this vid is way better than the real music video lol

Most comments I saw (of the 8000+ of them… man, they sure do comment on YouTube), most of them wanted her back in jail. Other comments basically said that this video is one of the best on YouTube. I didn’t see as many spam comments as I usually do on popular videos but maybe I am speaking too soon. Over all the comments were short and to the point. I didn’t find any deep conversations on here.
My Opinion

I got to be honest will the 10-20 people who will read this. I think there is a bigger issue at hand with what is going on here. Is there 2 justice systems or not? The TV news had the drama of Paris on for a good 12 hours. some had all Paris for about 2 hours straight (on cable news). With all that talk that was most specifically focused on her and not the over all issue, they actually had to try to figure out how to fill in the time.

I say they should have had plenty to talk about. But from what I have seen, they didn’t have much to say but to tell us over and over again that Paris is being put back in prison. They played up the rich celb angle, but that’s it.

I still have no answer to how other people are treated with the same crime in the county where she was judged at. I still don’t know what it is state wide. I still don’t know what it tis like country wide.

I don’t know the racial make-up of people who commit the same DWI crime nor do we have any data investigated on any other celebs getting off (other than Mel Gibson…) nor have they looked into how Lindsay Lohan will be looked at when she goes up for trail.

Here is a chance for some real reporting and all they give us is fluff pieces. And people in the news media wonder why people go to blogs for their news.


June 10, 2007 - Posted by | Celebrity, Culture, Entertainment, Opinion, Video, YouTube and Friends

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