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Bob Barker takes final bow on “The Price Is Right”

I could say I grew up watching the show… I didn’t watch it too often but when I did, I didn’t change the channel. At one point I did make it part of what I would watch daily during summers. Digg took a liking to the show too I guess because Bob Barker’s goodbye got 2100+ diggs for the story. Top comment (198 diggs currently): “Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets… We’ll miss ya Bob.” by Butmac

Digg Link Pick:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Giving away one more car to an ecstatic contestant, TV host Bob Barker taped his last round of “The Price Is Right” on Wednesday, ending 35 years as host of America’s longest-running game show and five decades on network television. “I thank you for inviting me into your homes for more than 50 years,” Barker said.

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