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This is amazing! Its so amazing to me that I am inspired to start my web log totally focusing on magazine covers and the stories inside. (I am actually surprised no one else has done this yet… some have come close with category tags, but not a whole blog on the subject of magazine covers and the stories inside. Maybe I’ll start a trend.)  Just look at the covers!!! I think they were all well done. Plus, it doesn’t seem like just a fashionable move on Vanity Fair part. The whole look really works, its not just a common idea that other magazines use to get people to buy 2+ magazines as a ‘collectible’.

As for what the web is saying about this, or more piticularly, on Concreteloop (where I saw the story about this originally) is quite interesting. While most comments on ConcreteLoop tend to be one liners or short quips, there are a few thoughtful comments made about the Vanity Fair issue:


WHY IS GEORGE BUSH AND CONDI RICE IN THIS CAMPAIGN…they didn’t care enough for the black people in New Orleans…they damn sure not about to help Africa! Man, don’t get me started on this administration lack of help to Africa or any other nation at that!!! Oil is the name of Bush’s game!

Alicia Keys, Iman, Tutu, Oprah, Cheadle and a few others definitely should be on the cover…but some whateva!

Joe W said:

some powerful photos of some powerful and influential people, which shuld hopefully gain many people’s attention and awareness of the plights many are suffering in Africa.

Also great to see Muhammad Ali still going strong!

Bill in comment number 23 basically created a blog in of itself. He explains how George Clooney was doing it way before it was even popular to do it. (No way to link to the comment. Just search the page using FireFox or Internet Explorer for “23.”)

Of course you have your wacky comments, but I’m sure you will go to the site to enjoy them this time.

Now on to the flip side of all the help going to Africa as well as the attention that it gets. Just in case you didn’t click the link above, please, by all means click below:

“For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid!”

Its got 263 comments for you to sort through. There are many opinions (all crammed in the reply of the first comment of course, because for some reason on Digg that is popular to do) on this Digg story. If you want to find out more and what people are thinking on the flip side, check it out.


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