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SuperMoviesDownload: The YouTube Virus

800 Diggs and 55 comments. 21 comments on the linked blog article about faking out YouTube. This was one of the top ten Digged article links. So what’s the deal? It would seem that you can easily get your videos to the most viewed section by setting your browser to auto-refresh. It makes you wonder if YouTube will work. Why? because not only does the auto refresh thing works, the person benefiting from it uses other peoples work CLEARLY on the video while doing it.

Sexual Suggestions Aired On Children’s TV Show

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Originally from ebumsWorld???? LOL Dude, at least take out where it came from originally! Its still stealing but dang… they are being really open about it.

 On Digger says,  “With Youtube starting to pay users, it’s going to get a whole lot worse.” ( MiltonWaddams 17 hours ago).

Another user says that Google had the same problem (williamw 20 hours ago). I am not aware of Google having that problem, but considering how new this technology is to the Internet… well maybe not that new in Internet terms… I guess its a loop hole that would have gotten ignored easily.

Mashable wrote up the blog article basically explaining how its done. They also go on to say how SuperMoviesDownload makes sure that people can’t comment. If you go to the account of the “person” who submitted it, you can’t post anything there either. You can try if you want (Add Comment) but nothing will show up on the main user page.

Here is a quote from one of the posters on Mashable:

Comment by Dan 2007-05-12 23:48:1

Yeah, Ive been waiting for someone to write about this. Its retarded that Youtube hasnt atleast mentioned their aknowledgement of the issue. I find it very annoying cause theres nothiing good on Youtube anymore. The whole page is flooded with SMD videos and its driving people up the wall. Even when you click on one, the original video is Right THERE in the related videos section. GERRR… i wish Youtube would Ban the users, start using IP tracking for views in order to correct the problem (Like set a limit to how many views are recorded per account on a particular video). PLUS, every SMD video is in violation of Copyright infringement anyway. The problem is people dont claim those rights and so youtube does nothing to fix it. Im pretty sure SMD doesnt ask each individual poster for permission to download and brand peoples videos. Something should be done cause this is the fall of YouTube if this keeps up.

How will YouTube make it through all of this stuff? They started a beta program where users get paid for their videos. How does this effect that? A digg user mentioned that all it would take to stop the ease of doing this is to also log IP address per visitor (zweben 10 hours ago ).

I guess its not easy for them. As it stands now, SuperMoviesDownload stil is all over the page even after being outed by Digg and Mashable.

Digg Link Pick Quote:

“YouTube users can’t have failed to notice that the Most Viewed list is consistently dominated by videos branded by a site called SuperMoviesDownload. How did they get so many views? Cheating, of course.”

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