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New era of Flash gaming? Yeah, I think so. « Papervision3D

New era of Flash gaming? Yeah, I think so. « Papervision3D

I agree… I love those casual flash games you can find on the internet. 23 comments on a subject I find close to heart.

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Pete Says:
March 12th, 2007 at 10:17 am

I think its interesting that with the advent of systems such as xbox live – we are starting to see a slow trickle of original web games emerge as products on these systems. Successes such as this, are perhaps opening our minds to the fact that flash games can be more than just super dumbed down promotional gimics for reebok or HSBC (other shoes/banks are available) … I guess we have become conditioned in these promotional games to not expect stunning gameplay or depth, something ive always believed is a terrible waste…

3D again raises expectations. After all a great number of homes have (at least) a PS2, and are very used to the 3D game experience. When flash was 2D the comparison is difficult to make, as a web game is easily visual distinct from a console one. Hopefully these preconceived expectations the audience will bring from their console games, will push us more and more to begin to look deeper at issues such as gameplay and control. If we can combine this with the flair for original experimentation that flash has traditionally nurtured we have to be onto a winner, and indeed a new dawn.

Also, lets keep half an eye on the future. Despite their protests, its almost inconceivable that Adobe will not embrace some form of hardware accelerated native 3D in flash in some future release (both the momentum and creative desire is there at least). If and when that does happen, the game will really have been upped, and these experiment’s and knowledge we are creating now will only become ever more important.


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