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YouTube – Mario: Game Over

YouTube – Mario: Game Over


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This is hilarious!!!! If you are into video games, grew up in the 80’s, into pop cultrue, or whatever…. this is funny. These guys chasing after mushrooms and then somehow getting “powers” seems a little tainted now, doesn’t it? LMAO.

On Digg recently, a article link was posted on Luigi… a Hollywood “True Story” type of video… who comes up with this stuff?

Luigi The E! True Hollywood Story


Back to YouTube, the video has gotten allot of praise. 6000+ comments in what… 6 days??? Incredible! Its like someone ordered a pizza and then gave it away to cows. Its not suppossed to make sence. Its still incredible.

Featured comments:

dramaends (1 minute ago)

sweet! they need to do a zelda spoof now.


kronikkloud (26 minutes ago)

“where the F**K are my mushrooms???”
“wanna go ride go karts? play tennis? what?” hahahahahahaha


DirtyTownSouth (27 minutes ago)

LOL anerexic mario?


envagelium (30 minutes ago)

But you dont understand… he is on his last live… Hey theres a easy way for him to get money… in the seweres were so many coins… and then in those ? cubes theres always money… stupid mario… stupid peach… and hot peach…


 There is even comment spam:

 1I3l2I4l5I13l9l3I97 (5 minutes ago)


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And chain letter comments:

brewerguy (8 minutes ago)

now if you started reading this dont stop its really scary! Ok send this to 5 other videos in 143 minutes. When you are done press F6 and your crushes name will apear on the screen in big letters this is weird because it does work.If you break this chance you wont have a crush in the next five years

I’m guessing the last 2 are “new features” of YouTube these days. I think I may take a look at that for another blog post.

Plenty of responce videos for this. While I don’t understand some, others are very relatatable… and some are just a “hey thanks for a cool video” type of responce where all the video does is pretty much ‘big up‘ the original.

Video description:

The post-Mushroom Kingdom adventures of everyone’s favorite Brooklynite plumber.

See POYKPAC in Brooklyn on Wednesday, May 9th.

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Mario – David Powell
Peach – Jenn Lyon
Luigi – Taige Jensen
Cop – Ryan Hunter
Victims – Dusty Bricker, Michael Saab, Taige Jensen
Scaredycat – Jonny Gillette

Music by Luke Roberts (


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