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Featured Comment: by fizzandpop on May 4th 2007

From: Autoblog

Holy $#!@ – John Schneider’s General Lee sold for nearly $10 million on eBay!

Utterly retarded. Someone mentioned before how this car was a “Piece of History”. If crap from a seventies kids show counts as our history, then we aren’t leaving behind a much of a legacy are we? Please, couldn’t that ten mill have been sent on body armor for troops, and entire neighborhood for Catrina victims, or a whole bus load of hookers for me? The rich just keep getting more repugnant by the day. Now, I have to go off and sue my drycleaner for $65 million.

Posted at 2:38PM on May 4th 2007 by fizzandpop

Now that says a mouthtful about what he thinks of the person who bought The General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazzard ought to do with the money. The story was featured on digg as well.

The article found its way onto Digg as well. When you finish checking out the comments from AutoBlog, check out the ones from Digg.


May 5, 2007 - Posted by | Digg

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