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So I’m looking for a cool spot to go to for my only day off and I decide I want to go to this resturant I saw or heard about on TV. The hot cold chocolate (whatever its called) was the REAL reason why I wanted to check it out.

But I didn’t know where it is.

So I do a search and land on a few links right off the bat. I find out that its callled frozen hot chocolate and I get a interesting menu (hot spring wings? what’s that?).

So why am I writing about this? A few places online have reviews of resturants, and I got to tell ya, I never thought I would see so many opinions on one place.

Basically what I get is that you will be waiting depending on what time you get there. What time that is seems to be a guess. Obviously holidays are out and I would guess the Friday and Saturday night wait is long too. I figure I should go during a week day. Probably me and everybody else is thinking the same thing, but I figure one of these days I’ll give it a shot.

Since I did the search on Yahoo, a bunch of Yahoo stuff came up. Yahoo Local had about 53 reviews and I even got something from Yahoo Answers. The Yahoo Answers one wasn’t totally related to Serendipity so I’m not sure why it came up… but one of the reply comments (by GloriB) was pretty good. I live in NY and I don’t do any of those things or go to any of those places.

Another interesting review was by sar19ma. SinceI can’t direct link to the post, I’ll put some here:

 I loved Serendipity 3! After reading the reviews from other users on here, I thought twice about going, but I’m glad that I did! We got there at aboue 11:22 AM, a few minutes before the restaurant opened, and there was a line about a quarter of a block long. We gave our name to the host, who told us that there would be a 1-2 hour wait, and we were welcome to leave and then come back. That wasn’t a problem at all, since there is plenty to do around the area. We walked down the street to Dylan’s candy shop, which was really cool. You could also walk to Central Park which isn’t that far away, or to Fifth Avenue.
After about 1 1/2 hours, we went back to wait outside the restaurant. Soon, my name was called and we were escorted inside. The host was very friendly and funny. He brought us upstairs to our table, where after looking at the menu (the menus are really neat looking, they are huge!), we were promptly greeted by our waiter and our order was taken. The food portions were plentiful (i just got potato skins, my friend got a BLT) and the Frrozen hot chocolate was great! (tasted like a chocolate milkshake).. If you’re going to get the Frrozen hot chocolate, i would recommend sharing it with somebody, since it’s huge!
The atmosphere of the restaurant was very interesting..

Yahoo Local is doing something pretty interesting… saving your spots and your reviews, related resturants and such… probably standard fair for sites like this, but Yahoo is using web 2.0!!! LOL So I give them some more props.

I guess I better plan this in advance… hope it doesn’t turn out wack.


April 26, 2007 - Posted by | Culture, Entertainment, Family, Food, Opinion, Travel

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