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Don Imus fired from CBS


Breaking news as of 4:48pm EST. CBS fires Don Imus.

179 COMMENTS SO FAR and 386 diggs. And the comments go wild on this one, Its a must read if you hang out at Digg.

jeeteeare says : nappy-headed hoes rejoice (71 positive comment diggs)

scornforsega  says: No, no.. you can say whatever you want, you just have to have sh*tty music playing behind you. Call a woman a ho on a rap album and win a grammy. Do it on a radio show, and you get sh*tcanned. You NEED the sh*tty music in the background. It’s a necessity.

ht70  says: To blame in order of egregiousness: 1) Opportunists looking to get exposure (Sharpton/Jackson) 2) Spineless sponsors 3) Spineless CBS execs… 20) Stupid radio host trying to be funny

trer says: None of you seem to understand the concept of Freedom of Speech. The First Amendment only protects you from the government. The government cannot infringe on your right to speak. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with an employer firing an employee. If the government had arrested Imus, THAT’S a violation of the first amendment. Advertisers have every right to pull their sponsorship from venues they feel uncomfortable with. And media stations have every right to fire an employee who is hurting the bottom line. That’s not a violation of freedom of speech, that’s just business. The backbone of a media corporation is, guess what, IMAGE. You must protect your image at all times. Imagine if one of your employees was doing something that was causing you to lose money. You’d fire that employee in a second.

Most comments support Don Imus (even though they say he still is a jerk for the most part) and put down Reverend (is he really a reverend?) Al Sharpton.

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