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digg / IAmTroll / news / comments

Apparently IAmTroll is a troll. What is a troll? On message forums, blogs and pretty much anywhere you can type up a responce in a comment section, thisis a person who basically annouys and says stuff that may or may not be on topic.

IAmTroll apparently gets dugg down in negative comments allot. but then again, he (or she) only has 6 comments on the entire site… so maybe IAmTroll can’t officially be called atroll but the comment made on Fox News: If not for Clinton, Americans would be afraid of Black president was pretty wack.

What was the comment?

By IAmTroll 22 hours ago:

America would be better if the black people didn’t vote.

1. On average, they are poorer than non-blacks; therefore, they vote in people who develop nanny states (welfare programs, food stamps), and steal from the rich/successful. We can see this today with all the Dems pandering to the poor minorities with “Universal Healthcare”.

2. Black culture is making America a stupider place; remember back in the 50’s during the Cold War when blacks didn’t have power–America was focused on science and engineering. Now all kids want to do is rap, and act/talk stupid.

3. Blacks are more violent than non-blacks, have far too many children beyond their means–further nurturing the nanny state because most don’t have good jobs. Blacks are less intelligent than non-blacks; they reproduce quickly, therefore are making stupider children–and now, intelligent kids’ schools are being dumbed down so the blacks don’t “feel bad”. (All established facts)

There you have it. Negative 64 digg. There are some very interesting answers that you might want to read includeing a point by point by another reader as to why IAmTroll has hit such a nerve.


April 12, 2007 - Posted by | Digg, Featured Comment, Opinion, Politics, Social Bookmarking

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