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Why do U.S. presidential candidates need so much money?

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I thought about this but I guess the reality is that politicians throw so much grime at each other, you have to be able to throw it back. I also though this… cutkomp (78 positive comment diggs) said, “They need a lot of money because they have become little more than special interest shills. It costs money to slang more mud and buy more votes than the next douchebag.”

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The recent fund raising totals by candidates point to what many expect will be the first-ever billion-dollar election. While the figures are astounding, the mostly private campaign finance system currently in place virtually demands that candidates raise vast amounts early and never let up.

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  1. Not only do they need to raise as much money as possible, but they cannot do their elected jobs because they are too busy campaigning. Once elected, the new campaign starts the day after they take the oath of office. This needs to stop.

    Comment by madmouser | April 12, 2007 | Reply

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