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Canadian retail chain site warns that the 360 Elite may kill Sarah Connor

Interesting… a digger asked to be dugg down in comments ratings… and gets positive ratings instead. 108 (so far) positive ratings. The comments tend to be about how Future Shop and Best Buy are the same thing.

LOL and check out the guy who said “ew firefox. use Internet Explorer”! The responce: “That is like saying “White Power!” over and over, while walking in an all black neighborhood in your favorite big city.”

Digg link pick quote:

Future Shop is a Canadian national electronics chain exactly like Best Buy (though we have them, too). Looks like someone got bored in writing up the Xbox 360 Elite description on their site, as it contains a nod to a certain 1984 sci-fi movie starring a certain Governator. Beware if your Elite comes with greetings from Skynet.

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April 8, 2007 - Posted by | Digg Link Picks, Game Consols, Gaming Culture, Social Bookmarking

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