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Can’t Get on Digg’s Homepage? Don’t Worry, Neither Can 99.9% Of Other Users

The first reason why I created this blog was to record the most interesting Digg links on the site and the drama that aaccurs in the comments. The stories were mainly tech stories back then. eventually I decided why do just Digg and the comments on there? Why not Reddit, Slashdot and Neowin?

Why am I even bringing this up?? LOL Because I liked what I saw on the front page. But when Digg got popular, things did change. Wierd items would show up as popular. Now, you will have stuff with 100 vote on the front page while stuff with 400 won’t be. Same creation date!

Well, as you know, this digg link caused quite a stir on the site. 216 posts so far and 2300+ diggs for the story o

Makes me wonder how this came to the front page since its is basically outing the top 25 users. My opinion: people tend to not realize that some people are more involved than others and those wo are more involved in any open society get more attention. It happens in the real world and apparently online.

Digg link pick quote:

Considering it seems like the top 25 users account for 60% of what makes it up onto the homepage, it appears Digg is more like a high school social clique than it is the user driven news submission site it claims to be.

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April 2, 2007 - Posted by | Culture, Digg, Digg Link Picks, Opinion, Social Bookmarking

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