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Girl in Paris Texas prison for shoving hall monitor to go free

There has got to be something I just don’t understand about this story… how do you go to what basically amounts to being a jail, get a sentence of 7 years for shoving a teacher? Shoving? Since the Washington Post didn’t allow people to freely read this piticular article, the comment with the most positive diggs is the one who copied the article so people could read it (rune420).

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Shaquanda Cotton, the black teenager in the small east Texas town of Paris whose prison sentence of up to 7 years for shoving a teacher’s aide sparked nationwide controversy, will be released Saturday morning, prison officials confirmed on Friday.

AMAZING. She was put in with hardened criminals! Prision extentions, sexual assalt… this is worst by far than the 2 border patrol agents being thrown in jail for 10 years plus for shooting at a drug smugglers on the run.

PLUS check out the comment by cameron074 ( 49 positive comment diggs)

“Her case rose to national prominence and became the focus of ongoing civil rights protests after a March 12 Tribune story detailed how a 14-year-old white girl convicted of the more serious crime of arson was sentenced to probation by the same judge.”

Ah, it’s nice to know that racism is still alive and well in that Texas courtroom.

I personally don’t usually scream racism at the top of my lungs but this looks pretty clear cut unless something comes up to show it isn’t.

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