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96 – A Cartogram of the World’s Population « strange maps

96 – A Cartogram of the World’s Population « strange maps

I actually am into maps myself and I find this one quite interesting. It is a viual of the worlds population related to areas on the map that a pictcular country would be located…

This map is part of a series of cartograms in which the actual geography is distorted in order to demonstrate information about the countries shown. In this case, the point made is that of population, with each country’s size ‘weighted’ to reflect the size of its population. The discrepancies between your average standard world map and this one are obvious – obviousness being a good indicator of how good a map is.

Canada isn’t populated by many people… LOL
This article showed up on the front page of WordPress as a popular blog post and currently has 10 comments.

Featured comment:

Comment by Neil McDonnell: I’m a recent visitor to your blog and will make this a daily stop as I cruise around the web.

Today’s map is an excellent lesson on the world’s population. It’s one thing to hear population numbers read, but to see it visually is powerful. For example, the true difference between Russia, China and India.

I’ve written a blog entry on my site ( telling my readers to come visit your site. I think they’ll really enjoy it.

Neil McDonnell, PMP

There are other map distorion maps. Read the article to find out more.


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