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Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Wanted: A Little Reality for Britney – Celebritology

Well, this is a new place for me to visit and read what other people think about a specific subject. Never really been to the Washington Post for anything and BAM… this article comes my way from a related link on a Yahoo article about Britney Spears’ settlement with the K-Fed. Apparently on the heals of Britney Spears settling divorce with husband Federline, she will be doing a new reality show. The idea; find a new personal assistant to be on her team of which will also include helping her with her comeback.

Will Timbaland (music producer who has said he wanted to help her a few weeks ago get her back on track musically) help in this reality show? Heck, why another reality show? I say, its a good time to sit down, take a break, and write a personal letter (album) not for sales but to re-introduce yourself.

But before that… get on some remixes and put out a street album for the fans (and everyone else watching/listening).

Well… Enough about what I think… there are over 20 comments (some are spam comments…) on the post.

Posted by: renselaas:Liz, I’d play it as straight as possible and give her sound advice. She’s such a train wreck that she’ll ignore 3/4 of whatever you say, and that’s what will make it “good TV.”

As for that sound advice… I’d start with what all of our grandmothers told us about wearing good panties whenever we leave the house.


Posted by: Lisa: Liz, Play it straight this poor girl needs some help. Some issues to be raised in you audition letter:

-Accept that fact that your life has changed: You’re not 21 yr. old single pop star with lots of money and time, but 26 yr. pop star, single mom with two kids to support. California and Louisiana do have Child Protection Laws which they are very happy to enforce.

-The career life of pop star is limited: Your fans do grow up and move on, and a new generation of teenagers doesn’t want anything to do with you (i.e. Janet Jackson).

-Do you really want to end up like Anna Nicole Smith?

Posted by: byoolin: Isn’t it obvious? Bring back K-Fed.


There are some more interesting thoughts that may actually work. The comments are currently closed so your just gonna have to post your ideas somewhere else I guess. I can’t imagine where you could post comments about this subject…
I made a Digg link for it… Looks like there is one already: Britney Spears to star in new reality series from Celebritygasm (what a name LOL). So I’ll just digg that. (although its not about the blogger actually trying out for the show nor does it give the link the want ad on Criagslist).

While submitting (and seeing all the duplicates) I also found this tidbit: Kevin Federline To Make A Reality Show For MTV

Im gonna try something right now… and see what happens. More on this in part Two.


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