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the thinking blog: Support Topless Women

the thinking blog: Support Topless Women

Lets think about this… a topless guy is ok (I guess… I am not too sure I want to see saggy guy boobs) but a topless women will stop traffic and get a ticket (and maybe get arrested).

Guy: No shirt no service

Gal: no shirt pay a fine and/or go to jail.

Nevertheless, can you really see a women walking down the street on a hot summers day with tight jeans and nothing on top just “chillin”? I don’t think our society is ready yet, but I do agree that it is unfair.

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Mig said…
Lol, Ilker! This is another great post. You are right.
In Romania girls go around topless at the beach or swimming pool, and no one seems to mind. In Germany… even tanga is a no-no. I think people worry too much about the wrong issues! Partial nudity is not a problem!
Whether it is appropriate for kids? Please! Kids know women’s breasts better than anyone else!
Mar 13, 2007 1:30:00 PM

Interesting no? By the way, in NY you can go topless ladies (just as long it is ok for both genders to do so).


March 25, 2007 - Posted by | Blog Post Review, Culture, Family, Opinion, Photography


  1. In a time when we are alledegly so concerned about equality, tell me why then does my wife have to risk arrest because she is washing our car in the heat, and like me, removes hser top? I am not better than her, nor any other male. Sow hy then, does she have to endure the heat of keeping her top on? Come on backward people, breasts are just breasts. Are breasts in America so much more different or gross, thyan in Europe? A womean can choose to abort a baby, but not remove her top and be like men. What a buch of crap.

    Comment by Ron | January 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. After writing yesterday, my wife and I have thought it would appropriate to challenge ALL women who are interested in equality, to be topless at the beach, or in your yard, or wherever it is acceptable for a man to be without his shirt. Government officials cannot arrest everyone, and the more publicity that this discriminatory behavior gets, the sooner ALL women can remove one of the last barriers keeping them from total equality.
    She has been doing so, and will continue to be topless everywhere that I can do so. She is willing to fight the fight that needs fighting…are you?

    Comment by ron tomassi | January 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. Is there an explanation as why there exists no active, public outcry for women to be free from persecution for removing their tops where ever men are permitted to do so in Florida? My wife and I believe that Americans are too hung up on women being topless because of the breast being exposed. Children learn what they live, and the shame and disdain exhibited toward a woman removing her top in a public place where tolerated for a man, only perpetuates further the limited thinking of the topic. A breast, according to Florida State Statutes, is defined as a gland, not an organ. Therefore, why is exposure of a gland, in this case a woman’s breast, considered by some as unlawful?
    Children from European nations, as well as South America, grow up with women topless and those very same children don’t seem to be negatively affected. To them, it is as accepted as their Dads or other male figures, not wearing a shirt.
    For some time now, America, and Florida in particular, has prided themselves on striving for equality for women in every walk of life…except one. As long as there remains any barriers of ANY kind, the Utopian dream of true equality, can remain only that; a dream. Those members of the Florida Legislature who read this website should try to understand this, and become a true pioneer. Florida is more than ready for this, as this state’s tourism is greatly increasing with visits from European and South American women, and we doubt they would look kindly on being persecuted, arrested, and possibly jailed for something that is as natural as being free.

    Comment by Ron Tomassi | April 1, 2008 | Reply

  4. As a modern day, independent and liberated woman, I take offense to the fact that we women, are still be being discriminated against solely because we have breasts. Why?
    Our society encourages women to take active roles in leadership, management, law enforcement, the military, even the right to an abortion. All well and good. But, when it comes to us being free as men, that is a different story.
    Granted, not all women feel comfortable being topless in public places where it is acceptable for men. Some men are the same way. But at least the men have the right to decide whether they choose to be without top or shirt. Women in most states, cannot or risk arrest for indecent exposure. Indecent exposure? Are you kidding me? A breast, being a gland, is not a sex organ. Of course, that type of exposure publicly, (unless in a private club or beach) is and should be illegal. But why the breast? Perhaps it is because it is a thing of beauty. Or, could it be something else? Perhaps it is state government interference with constitutional rights of the right to pursue happiness. Or, perhaps it is an antiquated theology that it might adversely affect our children. How? Kids learn what is good or bad, right or wrong, by the thoughts we instill in them. Our child is growing properly, respecting women, all women, but also knows there is no difference when I remove my top at the pool, or at the beach, when his father does the same. We don’t make an issue of it, and neither should the public.
    In the heat of summer, it is just uncomfortable for me, as it is for my husband and others. Removing my top for my comfort, is MY decision, and not that of someone else.

    Comment by Terri Tomassi | July 18, 2008 | Reply

  5. I think women look very sexy topless. in swimming pool or out beach If I had underwater cammer i wood like take love photo women underwater toples see there booty shack. and for get that top just where t-shirt when they going back room. or if I was swimming I wood like play tag or find her ticky sport underwater. but there shoud not be no dum law women be topless in swimming pool.. or be nude to in swimming pool or pool wild party.. ha ha ha!

    Comment by Allen Hann | August 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. If you want to talk about sexual double standards, ladies, how come men who grab a feel are sued and prosecuted but women who grab boobs like Tyra Banks or women who grab ass like the lesbian who groped Chelsea Clinton get away with it?

    Since indecent exposure is certainly a form of sexual misconduct we should have exactly the same legal penalties for women who expose where they shouldn’t as for men who grab where they shouldn’t. And, if women covered up, the goodies would not get squeezed as often.

    Comment by John Thames | January 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Now the mere mentioning of “grabbing a feel”, is not what is at discussion here. What is, is the topic of why women are prosecuted for attempting to be a free as men, by removing their tops and be barechested in places where men are permitted to do so. The mention of a different topic is indicative of how discrimination works…get others to focus on a different idea of the subject, by twisting the facts.
      Again…why, in a political correct driven society as we have become in America, are women STILL deprived of the right to remove their shirts/tops and be bare chested as and when men are permitted to do so? This is unfair, antiquated and discriminatory. If my husband can and is in support of toplessness for me and all women, and many other men as well, why can’t others who have NO legal right to deprive women of toplessness, understand the same fundamental issue here…it’s about more than toplessness for women…it’s about another way to prevent women from attaining total EQUAL footing with men.

      Comment by terri tomassi | February 10, 2010 | Reply

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